Play Blackjack Switch Online at South Africa

Blackjack Switch guarantees the greatest likelihood of scoring big. This version of Blackjack Online offers a twist that enhances your chances of winning. Players of Blackjack Switch will be working with two hands at the same time, with the option of hitting “Switch” and changing the combination of the cards you have been dealt. The probability of creating a better hand increases dramatically!

Blackjack Switch Sounds Too Good To Be True

It may seem like an unbelievable opportunity, but on, Blackjack Switch is just that! When playing Blackjack Switch, you must play two hands simultaneously, and each player must bet the same amount on the two hands. After the bidding has been done, the player has the opportunity to “Switch” before continuing on with each individual hand. The beauty of this game is that if you decide that you do not want to switch the cards after all, it is easy to switch them back to the original combinations. This is a great way of increasing your odds with the best hand you can create.

Still confused? Let’s take an example: You have been dealt a 9 and a 5 in one hand, which totals to 14. In the other hand you have been dealt a 6 and a 10, which totals 16. If you decide to switch the top cards from each hand, you will be left with a 6 and a 5, for an 11 and in the other hand you will have a 9 and a 10, for a 19. These are much better hands than when you started. It is up to you to determine whether to “switch” or not!

Blackjack Switch Payouts

In Blackjack Switch, you may double up and split, just as in traditional Blackjack. However, since the player has an advantage over the dealer, the payout for a blackjack is 1:1, rather than the traditional 3:2.

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