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Premium Blackjack is an exciting variation of one of the most popular and well-known casino games in the world. Playtech is the brains behind the card game. It has a vast host of features that provide extra payout opportunities, the ability to bet on 5 hands at once, a wide array of side bets, and an overhauled interface that lets you turn on Turbo mode for even faster gameplay.

The purpose of the game is to beat the dealer without going over 21. But with all the extra Premium features, payouts offering 100x winnings, and a smartphone-friendly setup that lets you drag and drop your betting chips onto the table, there’s much more depth and entertainment to be had than regular online Blackjack.

Keep reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about Premium Blackjack before taking a seat at one of our tables. Or create your South Africa account to take on the dealer right now.

Premium Blackjack Key Features

  • Provider: Playtech
  • RTP: 99.58%
  • Max Win: x100
  • Min Bet: $0.50
  • Max Bet: $500

Rules: How to Play Premium Blackjack

Your goal when playing Blackjack is to beat the dealer without going over 21. Whoever goes over 21 will automatically lose. This means if you have a hand of 16 and the dealer goes over 21, you win! If it’s a tie, the dealer will hand back your bet.

Card Values

You can calculate the value of your hand by adding up the card pips:

  • Number cards 2-10 are worth their face value. The suit doesn’t matter. A 5 is worth 5 points, and an 8 is worth 8 points. Together they’re worth 13 points
  • The face cards Jack, Queen, and King, are all worth 10 points each. So a Jack and a 6 are worth 16 points
  • Aces are special. They can be worth 1 or 11, depending on which is better. An Ace, 9, and a 6 are worth 16, as the Ace is 1 point. However, an Ace and a 10 card are worth 21
  • A hand with an Ace and any 10-point card is called blackjack and automatically wins with an increased payout of 3:2. A blackjack hand beats any other hand with 21 points

Play up to 5 hands at once

Premium Blackjack lets you play up to 5 hands at once. You’ll see 5 open betting areas on the table; drag your betting chips onto each area to play with a hand there. Hands are played clockwise and start from the far-right side, and the dealer takes their turn last. You can also split your hand(s), double down, and take Insurance just like a standard Blackjack table.

Special Premium Blackjack Rules

Premium Blackjack is a variation of the popular game, and is played with 6 decks of cards instead of 8. Unlike land-based Blackjack and Live Blackjack, all cards are returned to the deck and reshuffled after every round. As we said before, number cards count as their pip value, face cards are worth 10, and Aces can be 1 or 11

Splitting: In Premium Blackjack, you can split all pairs, but you can’t resplit like other variations. Also, if you split a pair of Aces, you can’t “Hit” afterward. In this case, a card is drawn after the split, and you’ll “Stand” automatically. If you draw a 10 with one of your split Aces, it’s considered a normal hand of 21 and not Blackjack, paying 1:1 instead of 3:2

Double down: The Double down option lets you double your bet in return for one final card. You can double down on any pair of cards in your hand, plus you can double down on any of your split hands as well

Checking for Blackjack: No matter the value of the dealer’s face-up card, they won’t automatically check for Blackjack

Payouts and Points

  • Once the dealer has finished their turn, all hands on the table are compared. If your cards are closer to 21 than the dealer’s, you’ll win 1:1
  • Any hands which exceed 21 automatically “bust” and lose
  • A “push” occurs when both the dealer and the player have the same points. In this scenario, your bet is returned
  • The dealer always draws a card until he hits 16 and stands when their hand is 17 or more
  • If you doubled down while the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace and they have Blackjack, you lose the double bet. But if the face-up card is worth 10 points and the dealer reveals Blackjack, your double bet is returned
  • Remember that Blackjack beats a regular hand of 21


When playing Blackjack and your first two cards have the same value (e.g., 9+9), you can separate them into two new hands. You’ll have to place another bet, and each hand will receive another card. Now you can continue to play as normal. In Premium Blackjack, if you split 2 Aces, you can’t “Hit” afterward, and blackjack only counts as a regular hand of 21.


At the very beginning of your turn for each hand, you can double your bet and receive one more card. You can only double down before taking your third card, but you can double down on your split hands (except Aces). This is a great chance to potentially double your payout if you think you have a strong hand against the dealer.


When the dealer’s face-up card shows an Ace, there’s a chance they have blackjack, which beats a regular hand of 21. The Insurance bet allows you to forfeit your hand in exchange for half of your bet. If you bet $1 and then take Insurance when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you’ll receive back $0.50. If the dealer has blackjack, you’ll win 2 to 1 on your Insurance bet.

10-Card Charlie

The chances are slim, but if you manage to draw 10 cards in a row without going over 21 and going bust, you’ll automatically win, even if the dealer has blackjack! You can perform a 10-Card Charlie with both regular hands and split hands.

Side Bets

When placing your bets on the Premium Blackjack table there are extra side bets available which take place outside of the main game. Even if you lose during the main game, you can still win from your side bet. Side bet payouts can also be much higher than regular blackjack payouts, reaching as high as 100x your wager.

Perfect Pairs

The Perfect Pairs side bet is a unique wager that your hand or the dealer’s hand will have a matching pair of cards. If you want to bet on one of your hands, place your chips on the Player Pair betting area below the regular betting area. The Dealer’s Pair side bet is found near the dealer’s hand.

The Perfect Pair pays 6:1 for a pair of black or red cards, 12:1 for a pair of offsuit numbers such as 6 of diamonds and 6 of spades, and 25:1 for a suited pair.

21+3 Side Bet

Another side bet you can wager on is the 21+3 side bet, also found just below each betting area. Instead of forming matching pairs, with the 21+3 bet, your goal is to form a 3-card poker hand, such as a flush, straight or three of a kind. The cards are formed by taking your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card.

Premium Blackjack Odds and Payouts

Here are the odds and payouts for the different bets and types of wins you’ll run into when playing Premium Blackjack. A payout means you get back your original bet and a multiple of your bet e.g., a $1 bet with a 1:1 payout means you get $2 (your $1 bet and $1 from the dealer).


Winnings Pays Example
Winning hand 1/1 Bet $1 win $2
Insurance 2/1 Bet $1 win $3
Blackjack 3/2 Bet $1 win $2.50
Push Bet returned Bet $1 get back $1
Surrender 0.5:1 Bet $1 get back $0.50
Perfect Pairs    
Perfect Pair 25:1 Bet $1 win $26
Coloured Pair 12:1 Bet $1 win $13
Red/Black Pair 6:1 Bet $1 win $7
21+3 Side bet    
Suited three of a kind 100:1 Bet $1 win $101
Straight flush 40:1 Bet $1 win $41
Three of a kind 30:1 Bet $1 win $31
Straight 10:1 Bet $1 win $11
Flush 5:1 Bet $1 win $6

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Premium Blackjack is a fantastic variation of the classic casino table and card game. The slick graphics, life-like audio, and smooth gameplay are a joy to play on all devices, whether it’s your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

The wide array of betting options with side bets that payout up to 100x add an exciting amount of depth and intrigue to the game, and every type of player is welcome, from low-stakes casual players to VIPs who like to play with large amounts.

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