Frequently Asked Questions - Why Are We Closing?

Welcome, If you had a casino account with, please click here for more information or to login.

Why is closing?

This difficult decision was taken as a response to increased operating costs in the United Kingdom. Our UK customers will no longer be able to deposit from 17:00 GMT and play from 23:50 GMT as of Thursday, 12th January, 2023.

How can I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw your funds using any of the methods that were used to make an initial deposit or bank transfer via the cashier as per our withdrawal policy.

Please ensure that all your details are up to date before requesting your withdrawal.

In some circumstances, additional account verification may be required.

In the unlikely situation where you request a withdrawal of funds from your account before completing account verification, you will be required to verify your account before a withdrawal can be processed.

Please note that we’re expecting to see an influx of requests which means that your withdrawal may take longer than usual.

Will I be able to continue to use my bonus?

From 23:50 GMT on Thursday, 12/01/23 we will not accept bets of any kind, this includes real money and bonus wagers.

How much longer do I have to access my account?

You will be able to access your account up until 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, 12/04/23.

How much longer do I have to deposit?

The ability to deposit has been removed as of 17:00 GMT on Thursday, 12/01/23.

How much longer do I have to play?

You will be able to play up until 23:50 GMT on Thursday, 12/01/23.

How much longer do I have to withdraw my funds?

We’d suggest you log in and request a withdrawal before 23:59 on Wednesday, 12/4/23.

Between Friday, 13th January to Thursday, 13th April we will proactively attempt to send any cash balances back to your most utilised payment method and you will be able to log in and request a withdrawal yourself.

We cannot guarantee that our proactive attempts will be successful so we will allow further time to request withdrawals by emailing up to 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, 12/07/23.

In the event all our attempts to return your funds fail, balances remaining unclaimed in customer accounts will be divested towards institutions or entities working, researching or promoting responsible gambling causes.

Do you keep my personal details , and if so, for how long?

Personal Data will be retained by Mansion in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations, where the full suite of personal data rights continues to apply to all customers.