Best Online Scratch Card Games


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


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Best Online Scratch Card Games

Scratch card is a traditional, simple card game, but it has adapted to innovative. Players worldwide can play scratch cards on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Despite being first introduced in the 1970s, scratch card games’ simplicity helps to keep players coming back for more worldwide. Also, this user-friendly design has helped the game become a staple of today’s online casino lobbies.

If you play online scratch cards, you are always guaranteed a quick gaming experience with potentially generous prizes. The modern gambling industry operates because variety is key to online gaming, which is why players often consider the best international casinos for scratch card games (or scratchies as they are often so fondly known).


Game NameDescription
Merlin's Millions ScratchScratch off symbols and see if Merlin’s wizardry can conjure up any prizes for you. You can expect plenty of potions and wizard-based symbols here, too. You can win as much as 1000x your stake in this entertaining and magic-themed scratch card.
Foxin Wins ScratchThe elegant Mr. Fox is your host in this scratch card game. With its pleasing graphics and simple rules, you are sure to find a lot to appreciate in this 3x3 scratch grid of prizes. The splendor of Mr. Fox can be seen within the symbols, and the main fox himself is the main fox himself that offers the top prize of 1000x your stake.
Gorilla Go Wild ScratchA wacky and impressive card game, with Gary the gorilla taking center stage on the grid of symbols. You can find various jungle-themed symbols to scratch off, with Gary himself as the top prize worth 1000x your stake.
Kong ScratchKong Scratch is a scratch card based on the famous movie. With a 2x3 grid, Kong Scratch offers players something a little different from its one-symbol winning prizes. Plus, you have a jackpot option, which multiplies your prize up to 10,000x — so you could land some huge prizes courtesy of Kong.
A Dragons Story ScratchStep into a cartoon world full of dragons and mythical icons. This is a fun game with a top prize worth up to 1000x your stake, so you could pick up some worthwhile cash prizes here. The 3x3 grid gives this game a traditional feel, and you can play and scratch with small or large stakes.
Luxor ScratchThe treasures of Egypt always entice players, and this scratch card is no different, with a huge 50,000x multiplier prize. The 4x3 scratch card grid gives you something a little extra, and with all the Egypt-themed icons, you will feel as though you have stepped straight into ancient Egypt.
A Nightmare on Elm Street ScratchA jackpot-heavy scratch card with a horror theme based on that famous movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you’re a fan of Freddy Krueger, you’ll love the graphics and symbols, all of which have been taken straight from the classic Wes Craven movie.
Call of the Colosseum ScratchA slick scratch card with great graphics and a simple 3x3 playing grid, containing some eye-catching symbols based on the historic setting. The top prize here is 1000x your stake, so you can rack up some good wins in this game based on the famous ancient Romans.


Playing scratch cards could not get any simpler, and if you have ever bought one from your local shop, you’ll be more than capable of playing a scratch card game online. However, the price is fixed when you buy them in the shop, while the online versions available to play at online casinos sometimes include an option to choose how much you want to wager. The rest of the game is very self-explanatory, but we should mention that the more you wager, the more you can potentially win.

Once you pick your scratch card and choose the amount you wish to play, you simply scratch off the areas to reveal symbols or numbers. The game aims to match up these symbols and numbers or any other icons featured in the rules. If you scratch off any winning combinations, you can expect to win that prize instantly. The money will go straight into your casino account.

The core concept when you play scratch cards online is that they are quick and easy to play. This makes them perfect for playing in between slot games or table games if you need a refresher. They give you something different to play during your gaming sessions, and those instant wins can really help to boost your balance if you manage to claim one. Another crucial highlight here; a top-quality casino lobby will be home to a diverse range of different scratch card themes and designs, which gives you something new each time you play.

Each of the scratch cards includes a useful ‘Help’ menu, and this will contain all the valuable information relating to that scratch card game. The rules are simple, but understanding how the game and symbols work can never harm you harm.

You can find out the different wagering options and identify which of the symbols will give you the bigger prizes, so you know exactly what to look out for. Alternatively, you can simply check the help section below to find more useful information on how to play scratch card games.


Popular scratch card games offer a user-friendly gaming experience and, of course, you can win big prizes on them. Most of the scratch cards will offer odds of around 3 to 1 and 8 to 1, with the rewards ranging from micro prizes to huge prizes (worth thousands).

A typical scratch card game will give you a choice of different coin wagering options, and the overall prizes will be dependent on that coin size. If we take a standard scratch card with a grid of nine symbols full of currency amounts, you will see the following payout structure:

  • 3 x £1 = £1 prize
  • 3 x £5 = £5 prize
  • 3 x £10 = £10 prize
  • 3 x £25 = £25 prize
  • 3 x £100 = £100 prize
  • 1 x Gold Bar = £1,000 prize

Please note: the Gold Bar is the special prize that all players will be hoping to scratch off, and you would only need one of those symbols to activate the prize. Obviously, this prize would also come with bigger odds, giving you a smaller chance of winning overall.


Playing scratch cards is one of the most accessible and light-hearted experiences at any online, but to get the most out of the game, we recommend that you follow some of our expert tips.

Tip 1 – Nobody likes to lose big, so we advise you to keep the stakes low rather than bet bigger amounts. The idea is to bet small and win big. Most players only play scratch cards as a side game between bigger casino games, to take a quick break. It makes sense not to spend too much of your bankroll on side games, right?

Tip 2 – Play the scratch cards that pay out more often. It might sound like a simple tip, but this applies to all casino games and many players follow this tip when playing slot games as well. How do I find these types of scratch cards? Look out for the RTP (Return to Player) percentage often located within the game rules. The higher the RTP percentage, the more likely the game will pay out – it is not a guarantee by any means, just a ‘more likely’ scenario.

Tip 3 – Take your time and immerse yourself in the game. Some scratch cards might offer you the chance to reveal all symbols in one go to speed up the process, much like the turbo spin mode on the slots. We advise against playing like this and suggest you reveal each symbol as you go. You can enjoy the scratch card as it was intended, and you will not burn through your bankroll too quickly.


Every casino would love it when you return to playing their scratch cards and casino games consistently. We also know that playing with a boosted bankroll makes your experience more engaging, too. For this reason, online casinos keep their promotional pages stocked with enticing bonuses and high-class offers. If you are a new member at an online casino, we suggest you visit the Promotions page. Alternatively, if you want a summary of the bonuses it offers, the casino bonuses page will give you that.


Scratch cards seem to have been crafted especially for today’s world, when mobile gaming is so prevalent, even though they were designed back in the 1970s. The simple layout suits a smartphone or tablet device perfectly, and the touchscreen controls allow you to reveal each symbol easily.

You can play in landscape or portrait mode — it really does not matter, as the controls and graphics will adapt automatically to deliver the best playing experience. You lose none of the desktop features and gain all that mobility, no matter what type of smartphone or tablet you use.


Playing scratch cards is one of the simplest forms of online casino gaming that you can find at a casino. But, as always, the house is available to bring you expert help and support every step (and scratch) of the way.

Firstly, even if you feel confused or unsure of how to play a certain scratch card, your first port of call should always be the in-game help menu. You can find this by clicking on the menu icon at the corner of the game screen. This presents you with all the valuable information about the rules and payout details, as well as the game flow and betting options.

Furthermore, if you are still unsure about anything in relation to the game, the Customer Support team will be on call to help you. Top casinos have knowledgeable and friendly support agents to assist you with any question or concern, no matter how basic or technical that may be.

You should never hesitate to contact support via email, Live Chat, or telephone, as they are usually open 24/7. So, no matter what time of the day it is where you live, the casino’s customer support will be available to help you! The team is committed to making sure you can play any of the casino’s scratch cards with maximum satisfaction.


You can play them online at an online casino, so there is no need to order any scratch cards. Everything that you need is available online, with instant gameplay and instant wins.

Yes, most scratch cards are perfectly designed to play on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. You can play them in either landscape or portrait mode, and the gaming experience is just as you would expect from the big-screen desktop versions.

The best scratch cards to win on are those with the highest RTP percentage, as these have been designed to pay out more overall. It does not, however, guarantee wins, but simply that the game will pay out more in general.

No, all online scratch cards at the top online casinos have been tested and audited to ensure fair gaming and payouts. This is usually the case if it is a fully licensed and regulated casino in question, and that means you can expect complete fairness with every game.

Checking scratch cards online is simple, and you don’t have to do anything yourself. The winning process is automatic, so if you do scratch off and reveal winning symbols, the prize will be instantly added to your casino account.

Yes, there are many big prizes to be won on scratch cards across the globe. Not all scratch cards offer huge prizes though, so it makes sense to check the game rules and the top payouts before you play.

All prizes on scratch cards are instant, so whenever you scratch off a winning symbol or winning row of symbols, your prize will be credited instantly. Any scratch card jackpot prizes might need to be approved by the casino team, but you can be sure that this will be completed quickly and professionally.

Yes, just like all the games available at online casinos, online scratch cards are safe. Casinos only work with the most trusted and respected game suppliers in the industry, so you will always benefit from safe games and fair payouts.


Playing scratch cards is a wonderful way to bring variety into your online gambling experience. The fact that you can open one up, play, and win, all within the space of a minute is fantastic. This is something that keeps players interested every day. Simply identify your number one international casino to play online scratch cards, as well as slots, table games, and more. Create an account and play now to see what prizes you can scratch off and win.