Maestro Casino

Maestro is the debit card powered by MasterCard. It can be used in over 100 countries worldwide either as an ATM facility, meaning you could use it to get money out of the cashpoint or debit card linked to your bank account.

Why Maestro?

Maestro, which means master in Italian, really is the master when it comes to security. Mastercard offer you layers of security against lost or stolen cards and identity fraud, which is a prominent crime of our times.

As Maestro is a debit card, it takes less time for funds to enter into your online casino account than it would with other payment methods, like a credit card or bank transfer. This means you get to play the games you like quicker! As Maestro is not a credit card you can only play with money you actually have in your current account, without getting overdrawn.

How to use the MasterCard Maestro at New Zealand

The Maestro card, which went by the name Switch is in the past, is used much the same way one would use a MasterCard to make online payments. It in large thanks to this familiar process that Maestro has grown into one of the most popular payment methods at

The first step is to apply on the Maestro site and receive your card, and the pin number that comes with it. Then you can login to your NZ account and click on the Cashier button, which will bring you to the payment processing pages. You’ll see MasterCard Maestro listed under the prepaid cards, and when you click it, a pop up window will open. Here you can enter in your details, including your secret PIN code and make a deposit. In addition to the PIN code, you’ll have the option to use the Maestro Secure Code which makes it next to impossible for any unauthorized access to your card.

The biggest difference between the Maestro and a regular credit card is that Maestro is a debit card. This means that you’ll have to have money in the account before you can make transfer, unlike with MasterCard where you get billed at the of the month and can have a line of credit. This is a great added layer of protection for some online casino players as it doesn’t allow you to play beyond your means.

One of the great things about the MasterCard Maestro is th spped with which all the transactions take place. Whether you’re making a deposit or a withdrawal, the money is move quickly, allowing you to enjoy your money how you see fit. Whether that’s playing your favorite online casino games or spoiling yourself with your winnings, you should not have to wait around for the funds to become available.

The only exception is when you make your first withdrawal. The process can take some tim to allow us to verify your ID. We require several proofs of ID including a copy of your credit card, ID card and a proof of address in the form of a utility bill. When we have verified all the documents, the money will quickly be transferred back into your account.

We are happy to be a Maestro Casino!