Play Highway Kings Slots Online at South Africa

Big rigs and semi-trailers power down the freeways and roads and now you can taste the life of the Highway Kings. This slot game is all about the symbols of the road, with gas pumps and spark plugs spinning on the reels.

Nine paylines and five reels of Highway Kings online casino games action can get you ready to barrel down the road of a new adventure. But watch out, because out on these roads you might get a flat tire, or even stuck in a traffic jam.

Place Your Bet And Start Playing Highway Kings

To play Highway Kings you just need to start by placing a bet. Decide how much you want to wager and how many paylines you wish to activate. Since each bet is per payline, be aware to multiply your bet times the number of paylines you have opened. A five unit bet times all nine paylines is a total of 45 units. The biggest possible jackpots are paid out on the maximum bet when all the paylines are activated.

While playing Highway Kings, the symbol with the biggest jackpot potential is the Red Diesel. There is also a wild symbol in this free online slot game, the Red Semi Truck. Hitting a jackpot with the wild symbol has an additional bonus of doubling your winnings. The wild symbol can take the place of any of the other symbols throughout the game, other than the scatter symbol, and in this version the Muffler is the scatter symbol.

Highway Kings Also Has Dollar Ball

Like many of the other great slot machines at South Africa, Highway Kings also has a Dollar Ball feature. This is a side game you can choose to enable and add a little more fun to the spin. To play Dollar ball you will choose five lucky numbers and if they hit during your spins, you will be rewarded with additional prizes.

So much fun in one little game, there is no need to wait. Open your casino online account and start playing today.