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We’re stepping back in time before Christianity when the Pharaohs ruled supreme, pyramids pointed to the sky and gods such as Ra, Isis, Horus and Osiris were worshipped by one of the most sophisticated and glamorous people to have inhabited the planet. Cat Queen takes us back thousands of years to Egypt, land of the falcon, sun and the lion - and of course treasure hidden in those tombs that held the mummified kings and queens of the dynasty. Our feline friends were considered sacred in ancient Egypt well before Facebook gave cat-worshippers the opportunity to flood our screens with pussy galore. So, if you have a penchant for one of the most fascinating and studied periods in history or just fancy getting fur-miliar with feline life in Egypt then check out online casino for an experience we Sphinx you’ll love!

Dig the deities at Cat Queen

The gods played an integral part in the lives of the ancient Egyptians, and Bastet, represented as a cat or lioness, was one of the most important as she was linked with fertility and the protection against evil. The Cat Queen is a striking figure in this five-reel 40-line slot as her graceful head stands between the columns of an imposing temple with pyramids in the background. You will come across images of the holy beetle (scarab), the ankh and the eye of Horus alongside those of the gods Seth, Horus and, of course, Bastet. There is also a pharaoh symbol which will pay x200 your stake when five appear on a winning payline. To get you started with this wonderful kaleidoscope of colour new players will receive a free 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus at online casino games. Does that sound pharaoh enough?

Cat Queen is a reel beauty

Bastet started life as the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt but upon unification of the cultures she was transformed into a protector deity symbolized by a cat. And you will be aching to get your paws on some of the treasure that is never far away in the world of Cat Queen. Land three of the pyramid scatter symbols on any of the reels and this will activate the Free Games feature and 15 free spins. Get three or more Pharaohs and you can help yourself to 15 extra spins. After each win there is also the chance to double your takings in a gamble feature which involves drawing a card that must be higher than the dealer’s to make it twice as nice. History has never been so exciting at online slots so join the gods of Egypt and see if you can win fur real.