Play Perfect Blackjack Online at India

Nothing in life is perfect, but then again, maybe there is something that is. Perfect Blackjack is the exciting blackjack challenge that really shakes things up and gives you a new perspective on this classic card game. If you are the kind of guy who loves a good wager when it’s put in front of him, then you have got to check out this online casino games option. There are hours of fun ahead of you, so dive right in!

How to Play Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack goes through many of the same motions as a regular game of blackjack online in our online casino India would. You can initiate play by putting down bets (this is easy, just click on the coloured tokens that you want to wager and add them to the table.) You then get your cards from the computerized dealer, and you shoot for 21 as always. We know, it sounds the same so far, but there really is a twist you are going to enjoy coming up.

Perfect Blackjack Betting Options

The key to Perfect Blackjack is in the betting range. Rather than a single wager placed at the beginning of each round, or even the option to double down, this version gives you multiple bets that you can place during your session. You can use any of the following wagers to make the game a whole lot more interesting:

  • Get a Perfect Pair: A perfect pair is when the two cards that you are dealt on the initial deal are of the same suit. Not too hard, right? The odds are pretty good on this one, so beginners should definitely start here and build up.
  • Coloured Pair: Then again, there is something even easier to hit than a perfect pair, and that’s the coloured pair. Since half the deck is black and the other half is red, you are dealing with a 50-50 probability stream here, and that is the best odds you are going to find. Take this wager, and run with it!
  • Red/Black Pair: This wager states that you will receive two cards that are the same number, but, and here is where things start to get really tricky, the suits and colors are different. This is much more complex, and the numbers are more difficult to calculate, but it definitely adds a lot of excitement to the hand!
  • Player’s Perfect Pair: Finally, we get to the real juicy center of Perfect Blackjack. If you like to mix and match a little bit, then take this bet. It says your first two cards will be a match for the colour, suit or number. You win if any of these options apply!
  • Dealer’s Perfect Pair: What’s a good gamble without the dealer end? The dealer’s perfect pair is the same thing as the player’s perfect pair only it applies to the dealer’s hand, obviously.