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It’s a shame that the lottery isn’t every day, the fun and excitement of choosing those all-important numbers and the tension as the balls come into play, it’s almost too much to stand! Picking the right numbers is essential, you could pick important numbers from your life, choose randomly, or make a pretty pattern on the board, everyone has their own special tactics and superstitions, and now you won’t need to wait until Saturday night to put them to use, as this fun lottery style game will satisfy all of your needs any time of the day or night. Step inside our virtual online casino and play Keno, you never know, It could be you!

Easy and fun gameplay

Although the name Keno has a French origins ‘quine’ means ‘five winning numbers’, Keno is actually a game that has its roots in ancient China. The legends say that Keno once saved an ancient city during wartime, and by the 19th Century, the game was being used to fund public institutions. It is very similar to the lottery games we play today and anyone familiar with those will find Keno immediately familiar. Many online casino games have complicated rules or tactics, not so here, you choose up to 10 numbers and set the balls rolling! This is the perfect game for anyone who loves playing the lottery, or who wants a different gaming experience to the usual online games. Experienced players will find it a refreshing change of pace and new players will have plenty of fun with our free welcome bonus that can be used on any of our games.

You’ll be keen-o on Keno!

Keno is a fantastic, lottery based addition to our arcade games collection. The clean and cheerful graphics set the stage for simple and fun gameplay. The aim of the game is to select up to 10 numbers and then see if you can get matches on them with the jackpot increasing the more numbers you match. Yes, it’s pretty much exactly like the lottery, but with more chances to win, the only strategy you have is choosing the right numbers, there’s nothing to it! Come and play Keno today and see what makes this one of the most popular games around the world, from Casinos to town squares to television, and now on your computer screen!


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