Loyalty Points

We believe that our players should be rewarded every time they play. And the more you play, the more you will receive!

Earning Casino VIP loyalty points is easy:

  • You earn loyalty points for all real money play in the casino**
  • Your points are added to your balance when you leave each game
  • Use your points to buy cash bonuses
  • Get more for your points by spending them in higher quantities

Earn points by playing our games

Games Bet (£)* needed to earn one loyalty point
Slots 20
Progressive slots 30
Scratchcards 20
Arcade/Asian games 20
Poker and other card games 40
Roulette*** 50
Blackjack games 60
Baccarat 80
Video poker 150
Craps or Sic Bo 200
Pontoon 200
Blackjack Switch/Surrender 200
*We use the following conversions depending on the currency your account is registered in: 1 USD = 1 GBP/EUR/CAD/NZD/CHF = 10 SEK/NOK = 10 ZAR
**Any wagers placed in AUD, HKD and JPY will not contribute to earning loyalty points
***Low-risk roulette bets, red/black, odd/even, and low/high, do not count towards Loyalty Points. All double options on Slots & Video Poker (all varieties) will not earn loyalty points.

Casino.com reserves the right to revoke loyalty points in cases where players are using different systems or strategies to abuse this loyalty scheme.

For example: For every £20 you wager on slots you will earn 1 loyalty point. Wager £200 and you will get 10 points.

Earn points to climb the loyalty levels

The more points that you earn, the higher your loyalty level and the better cash bonuses you can claim.

Loyalty level Loyalty points needed
Bronze 0-499
Silver 500-2,999
Gold 3,000-20,000
VIP +20,000 and deposit over $3,000
VIP Elite +50,000 and deposit over $24,000

At Casino.com, we appreciate our loyal players. That’s why your loyalty level is based on how many points you have earned since joining our casino. Even if it takes you a little longer to increase your loyalty level, we’ll wait for as long as it takes and reward you all the way.

To qualify as a VIP at Casino.com you need to have accumulated 20,000 points and have deposited $3,000.

To qualify as a VIP Elite you need to have accumulated 50,000 loyalty points and deposited a minimum of $24,000.

Use your points to claim a cash bonus

You can claim cash bonuses relating to your loyalty level, the higher you climb through the levels, the higher the bonus you are eligible to claim.

There are seven available bonuses depending on your loyalty level. By saving your points and spending at the higher levels, you will get more cash for your points, as shown in the table below.

Points level Cash bonus (£) Cost (points) £ bonus for every 100 points
Bronze 1
Silver 50 1,500 3.33
Gold 250
VIP 1,500

For example:

You are on silver level and you have 1,000 points. This means that you have enough points to claim only the $/£/€10 bonus twice, leaving 200 points in your balance.

However, if you save your 1,000 points and earn an extra 500, you can claim a £50 bonus and have a much better redemption rate by getting an extra 33%.

But it pays to save. If you keep playing and save your points up to 7,000, you will become a Gold member (at 3,000 points) and be able to claim the £250 cash bonus with an even better redemption rate. This will give you an extra 43% for your points!

Remember, the more points you spend in one go, the better exchange rate you get!

A maximum of £5,000 (Bronze, Silver and Gold), £20,000 (VIP) and £30,000 (VIP Elite) in cash bonuses from loyalty points can be redeemed per calendar month.

How to spend your points

To spend your points or to see how many you have earned so far you will need to go to the cashier in the casino software and click on the ‘My Points’ tab (shown below).

Here you will find:

  • Your current loyalty level
  • How many points you need to reach the next level
  • Your total number of points earned since joining the casino
  • The number of points you have available to spend on cash bonuses


If you have enough points to redeem any of the bonuses, you will be able to click on the ‘Claim’ button, which will put the bonus into your account instantly.

All unredeemed points will be removed after 3 months of inactivity on your account.

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