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Live Quantum Roulette is one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative live casino games for South African players at the online casino. The game is played on a standard European Roulette wheel, 36 red and black numbers with a single zero, and a full complement of betting options.

Playtech launched the game near the end of 2019 and it quickly grew in popularity thanks to excellent visuals, exciting multipliers, and entertaining hosts who constantly interact with the players.

The biggest difference between Live Quantum Roulette and the standard Live and online Roulette variants is the multipliers assigned to random numbers.  There can be multiple single numbers or groups of numbers with up to a 500x multiplier should you win it on a straight bet.

How to Play Quantum Roulette

Playing Quantum Roulette Live is easy, just follow these simple steps and you'll be ready to join in the fun in no time:

1. Once you join a Live Quantum Roulette table, you can either place a bet or watch as others play to understand the game better. If there is already a game in progress when you join, you will have to wait until the round is over before placing your bet.

2. There is a 20 second timer for you to place bets between when the previous game ends and when the next round begins. There are several ways to place your wager. The simplest way is to click on one of your chips and then click the spot on the betting table where you want to place your chips. You can increase the number of chips on a given space by clicking the space multiple times. You can also click on the racetrack to place bets with neighbours.

3. If you want to place multiple straight bets but don’t have any lucky numbers, you can select the LuckyDip option and choose 5, 7, or 8 random numbers. The system will then choose random numbers and place your chips on them.

4. If you’re afraid that it will take you too much time to place your bet before the time expires, open the Bet Creator options, and build your bet, which will be placed on the board at the start of each round.

5. Once the bets are closed, the ball will automatically start spinning around the roulette wheel. While it’s spinning, the Quantum feature will initiate and assign a multiplier, or multipliers, to random straight bet numbers.

6. When the ball comes to a stop, the winning number is announced, and all payouts are automatically added to your bankroll.

7. To start the next round, you can choose to play the same bet again by clicking on the Rebet option. There is also the option to double your bets on the board or clear the bets and come up with new wagers.

Quantum Roulette Unique Features

Several unique features make Live Quantum Roulette such a popular casino game in South Africa.

  • Straight Bet Multiplier: The most important feature is the straight bet multiplier, as this can take a win with a 29:1 payout and increase by up to 500x. While the roulette ball is spinning on the reels, the Quantum Black Hole Gate will open behind the game host, and the multiplier will be revealed. At times, it will pause, assigning one multiplier to a single number and then continue climbing, adding a multiplier to a second, third, or even fourth number.
    While a straight-up bet in a standard European Roulette game has a payout of 36:1, meaning you can win R36 on a R1 bet, in Live Quantum Roulette, the payout is reduced to 29:1. However, if your number is the lucky number, that win can increase based on the multiplier size. For example, if you make a R1 bet on the number 7, and it’s randomly assigned a 500x multiplier, and you win, the payout will be R500.
  • Automatic Wheel: Unlike other Live Roulette games, the game is played automatically, without needing a dealer to drop the ball on the wheel. Instead, a game host will chat nonstop for their entire shift, talking about current events, sports, movies, books, and anything else that seems interesting to them. When the bets are closed, the wheel will automatically start spinning, and the roulette ball will begin flying around the wheel. South African players can chat or ask the host questions through the Live Chat feature.
  • Unique Visuals and Audio: Quantum Roulette uses lots of neon lighting and futuristic visuals to give the feeling that you’re playing in a quantum universe. When the wheel starts spinning, a neon Quantum “Gate” will open behind the dealer, and the multiplier number will light up. There are also plenty of audio effects that play in the background to help perfect the theme.
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Betting Options

Live Quantum Roulette has all the traditional bets as a standard online Roulette game.

Inside Bets

Place your chips on the numbered betting table to create an Inside Bet. There are three rows of 12 numbers, and you can place your chip on a specific number or a group of numbers.

Outside Bets

Just under the Inside Bets are the Outside Bets. These bets give better odds to South African players, with bets that come close to 50% odds, such as betting on a colour, Odd/Evens, 1-18 or 19-36. There is also a bet that allows you to bet on 12 numbers at a time, with a 2:1 payout.

Straight Up

Perhaps the most important bet in Quantum Roulette, the value of the straight bet can change if it’s randomly selected as a Quantum multiplier. You can either choose your favourite number or use the LuckyDip to bet on 5, 7, or 8 numbers randomly.

Split Bet

Place your chip on the line that separates two numbers, and if either number lands on the wheel, you will win a 17:1 payout.

Street Bet

Place your chip under a column of three numbers to create a street bet. The payout for winning is 11:1.

Corner Bet

Place your chip on a corner that touches four numbers, and should any of those numbers win, you will receive a payout of 8:1.

Basket Bet

Similar to the Corner Bet, the basket bet covers four numbers, but in this case, it only works with 0, 1, 2, and 3. It has a payout of 8:1. 

Neighbour Bet

There are several different types of neighbour bets. To find the one that suits you, check out the racetrack and select the number of neighbours you want to bet, from 2 – 9. The neighbour refers to the numbers on either side of the number you select. So, for example, if you bet on 28 and select three neighbours, your bet will also cover 12, 25, and 3 on the right and 7, 29, 18 on the left.

Quantum Roulette FAQ

1. What is Quantum Roulette’s RTP?

Live Quantum Roulette has an RTP of 97.3%, which translates to a minuscule house edge of just 2.70%.

2. What is the Quantum Roulette’s Min Bet?

All betting positions have a minimum bet of just R0.20.

3. What is the Quantum Roulette’s Max Bet?

The maximum bet varies based on your betting choice, ranging from a R250 max bet for straight bets to a R5,000 bet for a 50/50 bet. The overall table limit is R50,000 per spin.

4. How do Quantum Multipliers work?

At the beginning of each round, the Quantum Black Hole opens, and a random multiplier, or multipliers, is assigned to various straight bets. If you place a straight bet that has a multiplier on it and win, the payout will be your straight bet times the multiplier.

5. What are the odds in Quantum Roulette?

The odds of winning in Quantum Roulette depend on the bet that you place.

6. Can I play on my mobile?

Yes. Live Quantum Roulette is compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

Bonuses and Promotions

When you join ZA and make a deposit, you will become eligible for an exclusive Welcome Package. While the specifics of these bonus offers are updated frequently, you can always use the bonus money to play Live Quantum Roulette. Some promotions run throughout the year for existing players that offer rewards and bonuses specifically geared for Live Casino games. Check out the Promotions page for the latest details today.

Play Quantum Roulette Live

The only way to play Live Quantum Roulette is by registering your account and making a deposit. The process is quick and easy. Click on the JOIN button at the top of the page and enter the required information. Then, select your preferred payment method to transfer money to your new account securely. Once the account is active, join a game of Live Quantum Roulette, where you can watch others play the game until you’re ready to make your first real money bet. ZA is proud to offer a complete collection of live casino games, including other Live Roulette variants, several different Live Blackjack games, and Live Baccarat.