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If you are a resident of South Africa, you will be delighted to know that you can take part in live casino games from the comforts of home at online casino South Africa. Our portfolio holds a variety of exciting live casino games such as Live French Roulette, Live Dual Roulette, and others. The latest casino gaming technology allows us to stream live games onto your computer screen so that you can actually be part of the live gaming action without having to leave your home.

Dual Roulette – Play Two Games in One

Dual Roulette allows you to play two games of roulette at the same time.

Usually, Live Roulette consumes a lot of time as it forces players to wait between bets and spins. Dual Roulette attempts to eliminate waiting time by allowing players to bet on another game while the first one is spinning. As you can guess, the game moves at breakneck speed. So you should play it only if you are confident about your abilities to take gaming decisions really fast.

The game screen has two equal parts, each of which displays a roulette table and wheel. Each table has betting information, timers, and the pay table. You can view the live video stream at the left of each table. The dealer is zoomed just before the wheel is set spinning, and then the wheel is zoomed as long as it keeps spinning.

Dual Roulette Rules

Dual Roulette is just two simple roulette games rolled into one. Since both the games are based on European Roulette rules, you don’t have to learn any extra rules and strategies. As you very well know, European Roulette has a lower house edge because it lacks the double zero in American Roulette versions.

To play the game, you just have to place bets on numbers, number ranges, odd/even, and the colors red/black. Both the games that comprise Dual Roulette are independent of each other. Neither the bets nor the game results are shared.

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