My Citadel Casino

Instant Payments Citadel is another payment option that we accept at CA. With this payment method as with most of the options out there, they offer the safety and security of helping you get what is legitimately going to work for you. We support these payment methods so that you can make deposits onto our site and start playing the games that you love today at our online casino. They used to be known as My Citadel, which operated as an E-wallet service that was popular amoung Canadian online casino players. If you still have an active My Citadel account, then you are welcome to continue using it at our online casino. However, they aren’t accepting new users for their e-wallet services, and instead directing them to the Instant Banking Option.

Instant Payments Citadel is, as their name suggests, an instant banking transfer service that will take the money directly from your bank account and safely deposit it into your casino account. What you can do with this account is actually fund it separately. So, you have one company that has your personal financial details and no one else has the ability to look at them. You will be able to use Instant Payments Citadel to fund your account on CA.

Most people that are looking to use Instant Payments Citadel first have to go create an account. What they will do is allow you to fund it in whatever manner that you want to and then give you a card that you can use on sites without giving them your personal information. The great thing with this site is that you can earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for excellent prizes. As with all loyalty programs, the more you use your Instant Payments Citadel, the more points you can earn and the better the prizes can be.

We currently support Instant Payments Citadel Online Payment option, to open an account Please visit Instant Payments Citadel Website.

How to Use Instant Payments Citadel at Canada

Instant Payments Citadel has quickly grown into one of the more popular instant banking services for our Canadian players largely due to its quick and easy registration process. Once you have registered your account it is immediately activated, which will allow you to quickly make a deposit and start playing all of your favorite online casino games.

Once you have created an account at Citadel you can login to your account and select the Instant Banking option on the Cashier page. This will open a portal to the Instant Payments Citadel account and you can select your bank from the drop-down menu. Login to your bank account and select how much money you wish to transfer, up to $10,000. Additionally, with your first deposit into your Canada account you will receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $400. This can help give you a leg up when you begin playing online casino games and in developing a strategy.

Is Instant Payments Citadel Safe?

Instant Payments Citadel prides themselves on their easy to use platform, no registration and a safe and secure transaction process. They use the same privacy and authentication standards that banks are required to you. They accomplish this through several different methods.

  • Your personal information or banking data isn’t stored on their servers.
  • All consumers must answers a series of verification questions
  • All communication is encrypted to protect the sensitive dat.
  • Instant Payments Citadel incorporates a complex security technology that specializes in anti-fraud to protect their data centers from unwanted intrusions.

All you need to get started is a bank account that accepts Instant Payments Citadel and you can start winning real money playing online casinos today.