Mastercard Casino

If you are looking for the most common ways to fund your account at Casino Canada, you will find that a MasterCard is a great idea for you. There are all kinds of different payment methods out there, but finding the most convenient one’s for you is a great idea. With a MasterCard credit card, you will get what you need and be able to start playing the games that you love right away with a MasterCard payment.

The great thing with these payment methods is that you can play instantly when you are using a MasterCard. You won’t have to wait for funds to be transferred or for the bank to send the money, you can instantly get it through and start playing the minute after you put in the card information.

For a lot of people that are looking for payment options for, with a Mastercard there are a lot of benefits. There are a lot of great security features that are built into a Mastercard and you can use that protection to help you out. The other great thing is, with a Mastercard, you can also collect points, air miles, or rewards, whatever your credit card company offers. That is a great thing for you.

We currently support MasterCard Online Payment option, to open an account Please visit MasterCard Website

Advantages of Using a MasterCard at Canada

There are multiple advantages to using one of the largest credit card companies in the world when making deposits and withdrawals to your online casino account.

We’ll start with familiarity. If you have a MasterCard odds are you’ve used it to make purchases both online and in the real world. The process at is identical. When you enter the Cashier’s page in your Canada account you’ll select the MasterCard option and then enter in your card information like any other purchase. Instead of the purchase price you’ll enter in an amount you wish to deposit. The money will instantly make its way into your account which will allow you to quickly start playing all of your favourite online casino games.

Due to the nature of the card, it can be used to extend you a line of credit. This means that even if you don’t have the money in your account at the moment you can still make a deposit. This is helpful for people who know that payday is around the corner, or they have money coming in over the next few days or weeks. The loan, or line of credit, can be repaid on a payment plan at your convenience, which will allow you to focus more on your casino games strategy and less on the financial sides. We do recommend that you set a budget and never play above your means.

If you made your deposit with the MasterCard, then you can also utilize the card as a withdrawal method. The process is the same, except of course the money will be flowing from the online casino back to your bank account. The withdrawal can take up to several business days, and the amount of the withdrawal will affect how quickly the money can be accessible to you.

If you don’t feel comfortable using an E-wallet service than using your credit card is a great option. Enjoy the security and that MasterCard will incorporate into every transaction and the speed with which your money will deposited into your account. If this is your first deposit, you’ll also receive the Canada Welcome Bonus of up to $400.00 (plus 200 free spins). This money can be used to help get you started playing and learning and strategizing all your favorite online casino games.