Entropay Casino

Here, at Casino.com CA, we want you to be able to deposit and withdraw with payment methods that are easy and convenient for you. EntroPay is a hugely popular payment option for many of our Canadian players. If you are looking at the different choices and deciding on the most convenient option for you, check out EntroPay now and see how it can work for you.

EntroPay offers you a prepaid account that you can deposit money into, safely and securely. EntroPay Visa cards can be funded from your personal credit or debit card or directly from your bank account. You are issued a virtual credit card that you can use to make online purchases, including depositing into your Casino.com CA account.

Using your reloadable EntroPay card at Casino.com Canada, couldn’t be easier. With EntroPay, you are guaranteed a hassle-free and convenient form of payment. Our online casino offers many fantastic payment methods, just like Entropay so that playing our online casino games is as simple as possible.

We currently support Entropay Online Payment option. To open an account please visit Entropay Website and to get more information about Entropay.

How EntroPay Works

When you create an Entropay account you’ll receive your virtual card in less than 60 seconds, which will allow you to start playing your favorite online casino games quicker. The virtual card is backed by Visa, which means that using it to fund your account is the done as if you’re using a regular credit card. When you go to payment page on your Casino.com Canada account you’ll need to enter in your name, the card nu,ber, expiration date and the CCV code, 3 digits on the back of the card. Once that is verified, the money will be instantly transferred to your account. You can make a deposit of anywhere from $25.00 to $6,000 per day.

The biggest difference between the Entropay card and a standard Visa card is that it’s a pre-paid card and you can only access the money which you transferred into your account. Whereas with a credit card you can spend money on credit and pay it off when you pay your bill. This can actually be really good for a player as it protects them from themselves and overextending when making a deposit. It is crucial that you have a great time at Casino.com Canada, while playing within a budget that you can afford.

Is Entropay Safe?

As we mentioned earlier, Entropay is back by Visa, which for many is a trusted name when it comes to online payments and overall protection of important personal and financial information. However, Entropay doesn’t just rely on Visa for protection they are also PCI-DSS level 1 compliant, this is the information security standard for companies that use branded credit cards from the major card companies, and it’s the same high level that are used by major banks.

Additionally, all delicate information is sent over a TLS 1.2 server that is constantly scanned for vulnerable points or attempted hacks, and is encrypted with a AES-256-bit encryption. The final piece to the Entropay security solution is to keep customer data in 2 different locations. All of these parts combined virtually guarantee that your money and personal information are safe.

Now that you don’t need to focus on the security of your payment method, you can focus on winning money by playing your favorite online casino games at Casino.com Canada