ClickandBuy Casino

If you are interested in ClickandBuy to upload funds to your Online Casino account, you will find that this is a great option. With ClickandBuy, you get a payment method that is easy to use, that is convenient to use, and that is secure, which is why most people are looking at this E-wallet option as a payment method.

With ClickandBuy, you basically are using an E-wallet, which means that you are uploading your information into a secure site and you are paying with the account that you’ve created for the site. You can use that to deposit funds into your account with CA with ease and convenience. There are definitely a lot of reasons why people are using this option to upload funds.

It is really easy to set up ClickandBuy, all you do is set up an account online and use it to put some personal information regarding banking methods. This way, when you use it on sites like ours; you don’t have to give out all your personal information time and time again. It basically works like an E-wallet, so you pull it out when you need to use it and fill your account so that you can play some games.

We currently support ClickandBuy Online Payment option, to open an account Please visit ClickandBuy Website and to get more information about ClickandBuy CLICK HERE

How ClickandBuy Works

Once you have your ClickandBuy account all set up, you can connect with any of the 100’s of banks throughout Canada that work with this payment method. Now you can begin using it at CA and the process couldn’t be easier. Log in to your account and go to Cashier page and select the e-wallet option. From there you’ll choose ClickandBuy and decide how much money you want to transfer to your playing account. Follow the instructions on the screen and before you know it the money will be in your account and you’ll ready to start playing your favorite online casino games.

One great feature that ClickandBuy has is the ability to set a spending limit, or set a monthly budget on your account, this can protect a player from overspending. We want all of our players to have a good time, while playing within their means.

Making a withdrawal from your casino account works in the same manner as making a deposit, except the money will be going in the opposite direction. Instead of clicking the deposit button, you’ll choose to make a withdrawal and determine the amount you want taken out of your account.

The first time you make a withdrawal you’ll have to provide several forms of ID such as a copy of your credit card, bank information and proof of address. Once we’ve verified that you will be the one receiving the money, it will instantly be transferred by to your ClickandBuy account.

Is ClickandBuy safe?

ClickandBuy is one of the most trusted e-wallet providers, but that doesn’t mean that they can ust relax and sit on their laurels. Their systems are scanned over a thousand times per day to ensure that there are no hacks, break in or security leaks. They have a client base of over 13 million people in Canada and around the world that have entrusted them with their personal details, and their record speaks for itself.

Another great security feature for ClickandBuy is that you only have to enter your personal information one time, when registering for your account. After that you just have to log in with a username and password, and you can remain anonymous when making your deposits or withdrawals from Canada.