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Once upon a time, society was worried that Big Brother was watching; CCTV sparked a national crisis and paranoia was the bedfellow of the self-conscious. Now, we don’t seem to care.

Today, mobile phones broadcast live video to the world. Every new gadget is breathlessly unboxed, with viewers riveted by the removal of each layer of packing material. Gamers from around the globe share their first-person shooter kills, win streaks, and conquests.

Online Casino Gamers

From makeup tips and mechanics, to DIY and cooking, anyone, with something to say, show, or share, can broadcast it to the world. Big Brother, his sister, mum, and cousin are watching you.

It was only a matter of time before the Internet’s casino players got in on the broadcast action. Jackpot slot streamers have become the latest wave of Internet dreamers; spinning casino games, in pursuit of a live jackpot win.

The good news is: the jackpots hit and, when they do, the reactions are often hilarious: a combination of disbelief, surprise and delight.

The result is the birth of a new community online. Casinogrounds is the central hub of the online casino streaming community. With more than 34,000 members, it is the place where you can check out the latest clips and videos of online slots and the twitchy players who love to share.

You can also find scores of clips, featuring the latest streamed big wins. Some clips focus on a particular online slot, others on a player or a series of jackpot wins. The website updates every day. Here are a few of our top picks.

Any More Wilds?

This clip features six different jackpot wins and really highlights the importance of hitting those wilds in a bonus round. The first streamer is a guy called Slotspinner playing Dead or Alive 2. He manages to win €7,325 from a €1.80 stake. His jackpot comes from the game’s bonus round and an ever-increasing number of wilds. Just goes to show: one extra wild, on a five-reel slot, can make a massive difference.

In the same clip, we get to see the happy spinners on Jack’s Gambling Channel bring home the Wild West-flavoured bacon spinning Desperado’s Wild Megaways. Once again, it’s locked wilds that nets them €11,360 from a €5 bet. It all shows how import it is to hit that bonus round.

Roshtein Rocks It

If you really want to see what it looks like to win a massive jackpot, it’s time to head back to 2019 and spend some time with twitcher Roshtein. In this clip, his lucky Fedora finally pays off with a string of jackpots ending with a real show stopper.

He describes himself as ‘a casino philosopher with an incredible technique’ and the description certainly fits, when he hits a new record playing the online slot game Mahjong88. After a long session, Roshtein’s boat sails into harbour, with a jackpot worth €129,000. At least he doesn’t get too excited by his win….! (he does)

And The Winner Is…

In this highlight reel from 2019, online slot Lil Devil is responsible for several of the year’s biggest streamed jackpot wins. The best is at the hands of a twitcher called The Bandit, aka thereelking1981. It takes a pair of expanded multiplier wilds to take the action and the payouts into hyperdrive.

The Bandit manages to flip an 80p spin into a £30,000 jackpot. What makes the video so engaging is his understandably OTT reaction. It’s hardly surprising when you realise he has turned the cost of a chocolate bar into a jackpot big enough to buy a decent car.

Get Twitching

The cynics among you may ask: why do I want to watch someone else playing an online slot machine? In fact, it is a great way to see some real slots in action and some of the characters who twitch are genuinely funny to watch. It’s also free!

Head along to YouTube, Casinogrounds, or Twitch to chat, view, and support to some of the stars of live online slot play. Or you can check out some of the best online slots at to try them out for yourself!

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