Sic Bo Guide: How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game of ancient Chinese origin – ‘Sic Bo’ translates as ‘Precious Dice’ – which was brought to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century by Chinese immigrants. Over the years Sic Bo has become a staple at most online and land-based casinos, along with that other popular dice game Craps.

However, a lot of people are still not familiar with the rules of this casino game, so in this article we are going to explain the rules of Sic Bo in a clear and straightforward way, so that you can enjoy this dice game next time you visit the casino.

Sic Bo Basic Rules

The basic gameplay of Sic Bo is extremely simple. Put simply, players bet upon the outcome of three dice rolled by the dealer. A board shows various different betting option, and a bet is placed by placing your betting token on the relevant segment(s) of the board.

Let’s take a look at the different betting options available when you play Sic Bo online.

Sic Bo Bet Types:

Big and Small Bets

sic bo big small bet

When you place your bet on ‘Big’, you are hoping that the total of the three dice will total between and 11 and 17 points (note that rolling three sixes will not result in a win when placing this bet.

Placing a bet on ‘Small’ is a bet that the total of the three dice will be from 4 to 10. Again, rolling a triple one does not win the Small bet.

Payout 1/1
Probability of Success 48.61%
House Edge 2.78%*

Specific Triples Bet

sic boo each triple

A Specific Triple (or ‘Alls’) bet is one which the player wagers that a specific number will appear on all three dice rolled, for example, three sixes.

Payout 180/1
Probability of Success 0.46%
House Edge 16.2%*

Any Triples Bet

sic bo any triple

‘Any Triples’ is a bet that any triple will be rolled, from three ones through to three sixes

Payout 30/1
Probability of Success 2.8%
House Edge 13.9%*

Doubles Bet 

sic bo doubles

Betting ‘Specific Doubles’ when playing Sic Bo is a bet that at least two of the dice rolled will show a particular number.

Payout 10/1
Probability of Success 7.41%
House Edge 18.5%*

Dice Combination Bet

sic bo dice combination

You can also bet on a ‘Dice Combination’, which is a bet that two chosen (different) numbers will appear when the dice are rolled, for example a two and a six.

Payout 6/1
Probability of Success 2.8%
House Edge 13.9%*

Three Dice Total

sic bo dice totals

One of the most popular Sic Bo bets is the ‘Three Dice Total’ wager, where the player tries to guess the exact total of the three dice. Statistically speaking some totals are much more likely to appear than others, as we will show in the table below, and the house edge ranges from 9.7% to 15.3% depending on which number you choose.

Total Number Payout Probability of Success House Edge
10 or 11 6/1 12.5% 12.5%
9 or 12 7/1 11.6% 7.4%
8 or 13 8/1 9.7% 12.5%
7 or 14 12/1 6.9% 9.7%
6 or 15 18/1 4.6% 12%
5 or 16 30/1 2.8% 9.7%
4 or 17 60/1 1.4% 15.3%

Single Dice Bet

single dice bet

For this bet the player chooses a specific number between one and six. The payout varies depending on whether your chosen number appears on one, two or all three dice, as per the table below. The house edge always stays the same, but there are huge differences in the probability of your chosen number showing up on one, two or three dice.

Number of Dice Payout Probability of Success House Edge
1 1/1 34.72% 7.9%
2 2/1 6.94% 7.9%
3 3/1 0.46% 7.9%

Additional Sic Bo Bets:

Here are some additional Sic Bo bets which are not available on all tables, but which you may find on selected Sic Bo games. Note that the following bets are not generally offered when playing Sic Bo online.

Odd and Even Bets

A bet on ‘Odd’ means that the player is hoping the total of the three dice will be an odd number. Note that if the three dice roll the same number (eg three fives) it is NOT counted as a winning ‘Odd’ bet.

Betting on ‘Even’ is a bet that the total score of the dice will be an even number, again with triples excluded.

Payout 1/1
Probability of Success 48.61%
House Edge 2.78%*

Four Number Combination

Of course only three dice are used when playing Sic Bo, so this bet is asking the player to choose three out of four numbers in given combinations. The four combos are: 1,2,3,4 – 2,3,4,5 – 2,3,5,6 – 3,4,5,6. The player selects one of these sets of numbers, and if any three of the four numbers picked show up then it is a win for the player.

Payout 7/1
Probability of Success 11.1%
House Edge 11.1%*

Three Single Number Combination

The player chooses any three numbers and wins if all three selected numbers appear when the dice are rolled.

Payout 30/1
Probability of Success 2.8%
House Edge 13.9%*

Specific Double and Single Number

The player selects a specific double (eg two 4s) and another specific number (eg 5), and wins if both come up. In this example, a player would win if the rolled dice finished on 4, 4, 5.

Payout 50/1
Probability of Success 1.4%
House Edge 29.2%*

Sic Bo Strategy

As a dice game, there are no tips or tricks that will enable you to influence the roll of those three dice. This game is not skill-based and relies entirely upon luck when it comes to determining the outcome of a game. As a player, the only real influence you can have over the game is when it comes to choosing your bets.

One option to choose would be to go with the bets which have the highest probability of success. As you can see from the tables above, your best chance of regularly claiming a win is thus by betting on Big, Small, Odd or Even, with their 48.61% success rate.

However, since the player is taking on the house at Sic Bo, let’s take a look at those bets with the lowest house edge. The house edge is the amount that statistically the casino will win if enough games are played (although bear in mind this could require millions of hands to be played out). The remainder is the ‘return to player’ and as a general rule, the higher the RTP the better the potential outcome for the casino player over the long term.

Bet Type House Edge Probability of Success Payout
Big/Small 2.78% 48.61% 1/1
Odd/Even 2.78% 48.61% 1/1
Dice Combination 2.8% 13.9% 6/1
3 Dice Total: 9 or 12 7.4% 11.6% 7/1
Single Dice Bet 7.9% 34.72 – 0.46% 1/1 – 3/1
3 Dice Total: 7 or 14 9.7% 6.9% 12/1

As you can see, the probability of success means that betting on Big/Small or Odd/Even gives the player the best chance of a win, but there are low house edges on a number of other single dice and combination bets. There are never any guarantees of success when playing a game of luck such as Sic Bo, but knowing the house edge and probabilities for each bet type will help you to make an informed decision when placing your next bet.

Sic Bo FAQs

Can I play Sic Bo at

Yes, currently offers three versions of online Sic Bo: Sic Bo; Sic Bo Live and Sic Bo Deluxe Live.

What does ‘Sic Bo’ mean?

Sic Bo can be translated as ‘Precious Dice’.

What is the best strategy to win at Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a game of chance, so there are no specific strategies that can be used to guarantee success. The player cannot influence the outcome of the game, but chances of success vary according to the bet type which is selected.

Is there a live dealer version of Sic Bo?

Yes, offers two versions of Sic Bo which can be streamed live to your phone, tablet or desktop device.

What is the house edge for Sic Bo?

The house edge varies according to which bet type is selected. The Sic Bo house edge ranges from 2.78% to 29.2% (using standard UK Sic Bo rules).

Playing Sic Bo at

At we offer live Sic Bo tables where you can experience authentic casino action, place your bets and watch a real croupier throw those dice via live stream to your computer, tablet or phone.

Whichever bet you choose to make at the online Sic Bo table, the most important thing is to set a budget of funds you can afford to lose and to never exceed this amount. Online casino gambling is an entertaining pastime and should never be considered as a way to make money or regular source of income. Should you feel that you have an issue with gambling, please contact a group such as @begambleaware in strictest confidence.

*Odds, Probability of Success and House Edge are based on standard UK Sic Bo table.