Play 3D Roulette Premium Online at Australia

Roulette is definitely the most exciting of all online casino games. Today you get many different versions of roulette to play online, and one of the most exciting versions is 3D Roulette Premium. This form of roulette is based off the traditional roulette, but with some cool differences. This game from Playtech is simple and fun to play and the 3D aspect ensures it does not feel like a staid game at an online casino. It comes to life as you spin the wheel; when you play this game at Australia you know you are in for a great time. There are many other online roulette games to play here too.

More about 3D Roulette Premium

3D Roulette Premium is an advanced online version of European roulette. All European roulette rules apply to this exciting game. The low house edge of 2.70% (for European roulette) compared to the 5.6% for American roulette makes this popular, and the fact that this is a Playtech offering adds to the allure. The game has 37 slots in all 1-36 and a single 0.

The game comes with high quality graphics with a 3D feel. The experience is realistic, with some added glitter that lights up play; the number slots all light up when you roll over them. Each time you roll over a number or a bet area you get additional information in a small grey box.

A table at the right side of the screen keeps track of the numbers that the ball has landed on so far. A slot at the right side shows the single slot on which the ball ends at the end of each spin. The table itself is a standard roulette table, with all the numbers lined up neatly and the bet areas marked out. Another smaller box at the top left tracks the total stake at the end of a spin. If you want additional betting options click the More Bets button; this enlarges the table to show the additional bet options:

Playing 3D Roulette Premium to Win

Playing 3D Roulette Premium is easy. First, place the bets. Choose the chip size you want to use and place it on the numbers/bets slots. If you want to go beyond the regular bets click the More Bets option for additional bets that are available. Once you have placed your bets click the Spin button to spin the wheel, which in turn gets the ball rolling. At the end of a spin the ball stops on a number and your winning bets are paid out.

There are 4 buttons that appear at the bottom of the table after a spin. Click on any of them to perform your desired action: Spin, Repeat and Spin, Repeat Bet and Clear All Bets.

So come to Australia and use our 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus for an enriching experience playing 3D Roulette Premium.