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Top Features

  • User Friendly Mobile App
  • Chat Live to Support
  • Bet with Same Race Multi
  • First Past the Post Payouts
  • Bet with Same Race Multi
  • Mobile App for Popular Devices
  • Live Chat Operators
  • Lacking Player Props
  • Live Streaming isn’t possible
  • Racing Odds Need to Improve

BetRoyale Review

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By:Matt Abrahams

In this comprehensive BetRoyale Review, I will look at some of the key features that you’ll need to know about before creating an account. This includes racing coverage, deposit options, odds, sports betting markets, mobile app and more.

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BetRoyale Profile

Website: BetRoyale Pty Ltd
Year founded: 2023License & regulation: Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and Victorian Bookmakers’ Association.
Live betting number: N/ASponsorship Deals: N/A
Address/Headquarters: South Yarra, VictoriaContact information/Support:
Deposit Methods: Credit / Debit CardWithdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer
Features: Mobile App, Live Chat, Cash Out, Same Race Multi, First Past the PostDevices: Apple and Android
Odds Providers: BetRoyaleOwner: BetRoyale Pty Ltd

BetRoyale Strengths and Weaknesses

This BetRoyale review will continue with a discussion about the notable strengths that set them apart and I’ll explain why these aspects are relevant to you. Additionally, I will address areas where they may have room for improvement.

BetRoyale Strengths 

  • Same Race Multi - One of the unique features at this bookie is Same Race Multi. It allows me to create a multi bet for selected races and I feel this improves the betting variety.
  • Impressive Mobile App - In my experience, they offered a user-friendly mobile app for popular devices. As a result, I can comfortably bet on the go with my mobile device.
  • Live Chat - This bookmaker offers a live chat service for its customers. This can help solve any issues quickly and efficiently. 

BetRoyale Weaknesses 

  • Limited Player Props - I found they didn’t offer many player props for popular sports like NBA. So I can only use basic bet types at this bookie, which limits the betting experience in my opinion.
  • No Live Streaming - At this stage, they don’t offer any live streaming options for sports or racing. Therefore, I have to use a different website instead if I want to watch my bet live. However, new betting sites do struggle to pay for live streaming licences so that needs to be taken into account.
  • Racing Odds - In my review, I found they didn’t offer the best odds for the top favourites in most races. As a result, it will be harder to make a profit from your bets at this site. But they do offer better odds for roughies so it’s not all bad.

The assessment of the pros and cons of BetRoyale can be subjective in my opinion as it can depend on an individual's betting preferences and requirements. It's evident that, in this BetRoyale review, they may not excel in comparison to other sites in terms of commonly sought-after betting features such as live streaming and live betting.

Nonetheless, they do demonstrate a commendable commitment to customer service, mobile apps and ensure that fundamental betting needs are satisfactorily met.

BetRoyale Review by Matt Abrahams

Bet Royale hasn’t been around for long so it’s important to take this into consideration when comparing them to the more established sports betting sites in Australia. 
In terms of racing, BetRoyale's offerings are decent enough for most punters I would say. They provide a wide selection of racing events and traditional betting markets, including win/place and exotic bets, which should cater to racing enthusiasts. Of course, it would be nice to see them offer a detailed form guide in the future as well as some kind of live streaming service. But a unique feature that they offer is same race multi.

The BetRoyale mobile app is another standout feature, I thought it provided a delightful experience for mobile betting. I found it had a user-friendly interface and the bet-slip was easy to understand. As well as compatibility with a variety of devices, such as iPhone or Samsung. 

BetRoyale Australia boasts a distinctive feature that sets it apart: a live chat platform. This offers swift and efficient customer support. I believe this live chat support significantly enhances the overall customer experience.

Regarding payment methods, BetRoyale offers a straightforward yet sufficient range, accommodating the needs of most punters. This includes options like debit/credit cards and bank transfers. I do think they could add more options in the future such as PayPal or a bookmaker card. But while the selection may not be extensive, it should be convenient for the majority of users.

In summary, despite its status as a smaller player in the bookmaking industry, it displays promising growth potential in my opinion. While it may not outshine well-established bookies in advanced features and live betting, it excels in areas like its live chat functionality and user-friendly mobile app, offering a competitive edge in those aspects.

BetRoyale Score

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐ 

While there is room for expansion in terms of the variety of sports and player props, their extensive market coverage for the sports and racing currently available is commendable, especially for a new betting site.

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐

While the range of banking choices may not be extensive, it is sufficient to meet the needs of most individuals.

Mobile Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

They have a highly functional mobile betting app featuring a user-friendly layout that adds a touch of fun and ease to navigation.

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐

The withdrawal options are limited and the payout speed will take a few days to clear into an Australian bank account.

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There are no concerns in this regard, the website is completely secure and safe.

Betting Experience ⭐⭐⭐

Thanks to its speedy website and app, the overall betting experience is quite enjoyable.

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐

While having a phone number available would be beneficial, the presence of a live chat function elevates this feature as one of the site's best aspects.

BetRoyale Racing

For those who have a daily passion for race betting, this bookmaker should suit your needs. BetRoyale's dedication to Racing & betting ensures a top-notch experience in this domain.

Upon visiting the homepage, the prominence of upcoming races is impossible to overlook, thanks to the multiple user-friendly features that facilitate easy access to the next-to-jump betting markets.

Racing Interface

In my personal experience, this bookmaker boasts a user-friendly racing interface that's intuitive and easy to navigate. I feel it efficiently assists me in locating upcoming races and offers a decent array of betting options. 

When selecting a specific race, you'll be directed to a dedicated page displaying all races within that category. This page offers clear and user-friendly countdowns to the start time of each race, making it simple to access the associated betting markets. Furthermore, the top of the page features convenient buttons for seamless navigation to other races within the same event.

On the primary race page, you'll discover a selection of betting choices available for each runner. For exotic markets, tabs are provided for popular bet types such as 'Quinella,' 'Exacta,' 'Trifecta,' and 'First Four.' They also offer some handy insights such as ‘Best Rated’ or ‘Track Specialist’. I feel this improves the overall experience, especially if I don’t have time to research the race. 

However, it's worth noting the absence of certain advanced features found on other betting sites, such as speed maps and an advanced form guide. Although, it's possible that these features may be introduced in future updates.

Racing Odds

When examining odds within the industry, it's evident that they can vary significantly. Yet, my observation of this betting site reveals that they often stand out in terms of competitiveness by offering higher odds for roughies. This advantage is likely due to their independence from external odds providers, which translates to favourable news for punters. But in saying that, their odds for favourites weren’t overly great.

BetRoyale Best Sports Features

In my view, BetRoyale distinguishes itself from the competition through several noteworthy features. Let's delve into some of these standout elements.

BetRoyale Same Race Multi

Discover BetRoyale Same Race Multi – a feature designed to merge multiple bets within a single event, potentially boosting your payout. This feature is accessible for specific races and features a user-friendly interface for selecting preferred bets. I believe it serves as a valuable tool for tailoring and potentially enhancing your betting profits, granting me a unique level of customisation.

BetRoyale Live Chat

Embrace the convenience of Live Chat, a feature that guarantees swift and effective customer support. Through Live Chat, I can effortlessly engage with a well-informed support agent in real-time, swiftly resolving any inquiries or issues that may arise.

BetRoyale Cash Out 

Cash Out can be considered a revolutionary feature that places the power over your bets squarely in my hands. Through Cash Out, I gain the ability to settle your bets before the event's conclusion, enabling me to lock in profits or mitigate potential losses. This adaptable tool empowers me to make on-the-fly decisions, maximise returns and adeptly manage risk.

BetRoyale Sports Coverage

After looking at the features that they offer, it’s also important to understand how the sports coverage works. Let’s discuss the major sports that they offer and how they stack up against the competition.

BetRoyale AFL

BetRoyale's AFL betting markets offer competitive odds and a user-friendly experience for both desktop and mobile users. This convenience allows me to effortlessly place bets while staying informed about the latest AFL matches. Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to AFL betting, the  wide-ranging options guarantee an exhilarating and diverse selection. This should enrich your AFL viewing experience and inject an extra dose of excitement into every game.

BetRoyale NRL 

New South Wales and Queensland hold the NRL as their premier winter sport, enjoying a substantial and dedicated following. Similar to the AFL, this betting site offers an enticing array of NRL betting markets, encompassing both conventional markets and player props. BetRoyale ensures that every NRL game is accompanied by a rich selection of betting options. Meanwhile, they also cover International Tests, the eagerly awaited State of Origin series and futures bets for a comprehensive NRL betting experience.

BetRoyale Cricket

Prepare yourself for the thrilling Australian summer cricketing with this bookmaker. They offer a comprehensive package, including the opportunity to engage in bets for the Big Bash League. I found they provide access to an array of advanced betting markets, catering to cricket matches from all corners of the world. Not to forget, they also offer future markets for some of the most prestigious tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup.

BetRoyale NBA

The NBA betting markets offer an extensive selection of games open for bets throughout both the regular season and the playoffs. However, they are lacking in the area of player props compared to other betting sites. It would also be nice to see same game multi offered.

BetRoyale NFL

The NFL holds a special spot in the hearts of Australians, particularly as it aligns with the AFL and NRL offseason. When it comes to NFL games, you can anticipate a wide spectrum of betting opportunities, spanning from basic selections to player props. I found they have a good range of player props for rushing and receiving but were missing quarterback props.

BetRoyale Soccer  

Soccer stands as one of the world's largest and most widely followed sports, offering an expansive array of betting markets on various platforms. Among these options, I can bet on matches from renowned leagues such as the English Premier League and La Liga, along with an array of soccer leagues hailing from different corners of the globe. They also extend their coverage to include numerous betting markets for smaller leagues within Australia, including the A-League.

BetRoyale Tennis

Amidst the electrifying world of tennis, especially during the adrenaline-pumping Grand Slam events such as the Australian Open, BetRoyale Australia emerges as your go-to destination for all things tennis betting. With unwavering consistency, they present an extensive array of betting possibilities, ensuring that tennis enthusiasts are never short of options. I discovered that their tennis betting markets span a wide spectrum, offering choices that range from classic head-to-head bets to forecasting tournament champions and even venturing into betting on individual set scores.

BetRoyale Sponsorship Deals

While they don’t have any sponsorship deals with local teams, they’re partnered with Racing NSW, Racing QLD and more.

BetRoyale Betting Markets & Types of Bets Available

The previous section delved into the specific market types you can anticipate when betting on various sports through BetRoyale Australia. Now, I will explore the full range of markets offered by this bookmaker.

BetRoyale’s Betting Markets:

  • Head-to-head
  • Line bets
  • Over/under total markets
  • First half markets
  • First scorer
  • Player props
  • Win/place racing markets
  • Racing exotics
  • Same race multi

BetRoyale’s Types of Bets Available

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets
  • System bets (doubles, trebles etc.)
  • Futures

BetRoyale Mobile App

Mobile apps provide a convenient way for users to access a betting site from their smartphones or tablets, allowing me to place bets, check odds and manage my account on the go, anytime and anywhere. Betting apps also may offer unique features, such as live streaming of events, mobile-exclusive promotions and customised betting experiences tailored to mobile users.

The BetRoyale app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and it can be easily downloaded on a variety of popular mobile devices. Users will appreciate that the app closely resembles the layout of the desktop website, providing a sense of familiarity for those already accustomed to the website's design.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find many unique or advanced betting features while using this mobile app. However, the good news is that the app is excellent to use, in my opinion. Navigating within the app was a seamless experience, as each page loaded swiftly without any noticeable delays. This is great as some betting apps can encounter performance issues when managing a high volume of features.

BetRoyale Banking Options

After looking at the mobile app, I’ll now go through the banking options that I found at this bookmaker. In general, it is tougher for newer betting sites to offer a lot of options when compared with the more established sports betting sites. 

But in saying that, basic banking options are typically widely available and familiar to most users, making it easier for punters to deposit and withdraw funds. Also, basic banking options are straightforward to use and do not require advanced financial knowledge.

Deposit Options

  • Credit / Debit Card

At this bookmaker, I can only use my credit / debit card at the moment as they’ve opted to stick with the most basic options. I don’t think that’s a bad thing as I predominantly use this payment method anyway. It’s easy to put funds into my account and there’s no wait time. In my opinion, this reliability is essential for punters who want to ensure their funds are handled smoothly and efficiently.

Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Transfer

In terms of withdrawal options, it’s a similar story as the deposit methods. I can only access my funds via a bank transfer. While this isn’t as quick as using an instant withdrawal method like PayPal, the withdrawal time is still reasonable. It will generally take around 1-3 days to hit my account and I don’t think this will be much of a problem for most users.

In summary, while it would be nice to see them offer a bit of variety in their banking options, it’s not a huge concern in my opinion. Established banking methods, such as credit/debit cards and bank transfers, often come with robust security measures and protections, giving punters peace of mind when conducting financial transactions on gambling sites.

Is BetRoyale legal in Australia?

Legal betting websites offer a secure and regulated digital environment, allowing individuals like myself to partake in a diverse array of betting activities while upholding responsibility and accountability for sports and gaming enthusiasts.

I found that BetRoyale bookmaker provides users with a range of responsible gambling tools at their disposal. These tools include the deposit limit, enabling users to set restrictions on the amount they can deposit within a specific timeframe. Additionally, they offer access to BetStop, a National Self-Exclusion Register that allows punters to self-exclude from all gambling sites in Australia.

In terms of licencing, they are currently regulated by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and Victorian Bookmakers’ Association.

BetRoyale Customer Support

In my experience, customer support is crucial for punters on a betting site for several reasons. Customer support is there to assist punters in resolving any issues they encounter while using the betting site. Whether it's a technical problem, a question about the rules, or assistance with a transaction, prompt and effective customer support can provide solutions.

I consider live chat to be the most efficient means of resolving issues. It provides swift assistance, typically with agents responding within minutes, delivering an effective approach to problem-solving. Live chat eliminates the necessity to endure extended phone wait times, which can often be impractical and it significantly outpaces email in terms of speed.

To access the live chat feature, simply click the 'Contact Us' button on both the website and the mobile app, found on the left-hand side. This action prompts a pop-up window, offering the option to engage in live chat or send an email. Alternatively, you can select the 'Answer' tab at the top of the pop-up to access responses to frequently asked questions.

Without a phone number, I’m restricted to online communication channels such as email or live chat. This limitation may inconvenience those who prefer speaking directly with a customer support representative or have urgent matters to address. But in my opinion, it shouldn’t be a huge issue for most.

BetRoyale- How to

How to open an account with BetRoyale

Registering with BetRoyale is a swift and uncomplicated process, typically taking only a few minutes. To begin, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Start by clicking the "Sign Up" button located in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Provide the required personal information, including your name, address, and contact details.
  • After completing this step, click 'Create My Account' to finalize the process.
  • You will be automatically logged in at this point.
  • To fully activate your account, account verification will be necessary.
  • By following these steps, you can ensure a seamless and efficient account creation process.

How to place a bet with BetRoyale

To kickstart your betting experience, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the left-hand menu on the homepage to find your desired betting market.
  • Select the odds associated with your chosen market, and it will be automatically added to your betslip, located on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Within the betslip, specify the amount you wish to wager in the empty box.
  • Your potential winnings, in the event of a successful bet, will be displayed beneath the input box.
  • To confirm your bet, click the 'Confirm' button at the bottom of your betslip, ensuring your account has sufficient funds for the bet.

How to deposit money into your BetRoyale account

Adding funds to your account for betting is a straightforward process:

  • Access the "Deposit Funds" option located in the left-hand sidebar.
  • You will be directed to a page displaying all available deposit methods.
  • Enter your preferred deposit amount and select 'Add Card and Deposit' to proceed.

Frequently asked questions about BetRoyale

They’re owned by BetRoyale Pty Ltd, an Australian company located in South Yarra, Victoria.

It sure is! I found that this bookmaker is owned by an Australian company and is fully licenced for betting down under.

At this stage, it’s not possible to find a BetRoyale sign up bonus online due to strict Australian government laws

I'm Matt, I'm an experienced sports betting writer here at Casino Com Australia. I enjoy providing helpful information for punters who are looking to find the top betting sites down under.