Free VIP Slots Online

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on free VIP slots online! The world of slots VIP is certainly vast, so we thought it would be a great idea to put together this guide, so you can find out everything there is to know about VIP slots online.

Slots, or pokies, as us Aussies like to call them, are very popular. This is especially the case online, where you can play from the comfort of your own home. But VIP pokies are a step up, and slightly different to normal pokies. How? Read on to find out!

VIP Slots Online No Deposit Bonus

Do you want something for nothing? Of course, you do! Some VIP pokies online do have no deposit bonus offers attached to them. There are pretty much no drawbacks of taking advantage of this promotional offer because as the name suggests, you don’t have to deposit anything!

Although, it is quite rare to find VIP slots with no deposit bonus, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. As well as this, we will always recommend using a reputable online casino, one that is well-established and has a lot to offer. We want to ensure you can easily withdraw your winnings when the time comes!

How To Get VIP Slots Free Chip

Looking for VIP slots with a free chip no deposit bonus? Well, you’re in luck because some free VIP slots offer this promotion. On top of this, it’s easy to claim this promotion as well!

There are just a handful of steps involved:

  1. Find an online slot casino offering this type of promotion
  2. Create an account with the online casino (some may not require account creation, if so, you can skip this step!)
  3. Find the VIP slots login, if needed
  4. Choose the free or VIP slots game you would like to play
  5. Start playing with your free chips

That’s right, it’s as simple as that! Nothing complicated with that, and you can focus on what’s important - playing your favourite slot games.

VIP Pokies Online Bonus Terms

It is important to note that if you are going to take advantage of a promotion like the VIP slots no deposit bonus, then you need to understand all the terms and conditions attached to it. By being aware of any bonus terms, you can take full advantage of the promotion.

While the bonus terms will differ depending on the online casino you are using, some of the common terms include turnover requirements, minimum/ maximum stake, time restrictions, etc. You want to get the most out of any bonus you are given, so make sure you understand what is required from you.

If you aren’t sure about something, then it is a good idea to chat with customer support and get their advice. Most online casinos will offer the same type of bonus, so when you understand one particular bonus, you are good to go!

What’s on Offer From Free VIP Slots Programs

So, what makes VIP slot programs different from normal slot programs? Well, most online casinos work the same. When you start playing with a certain online casino, you will automatically join the VIP program, however, you will start on the lowest tier.

All online casino games have slightly different programs and ways you can move up the tiers. The higher the tier you are on, the more benefits you will receive. Playing slots VIP more often means you can move up faster.

There are two things you need to consider when it comes to points in any VIP pokies online programs:

  • Earning Points - You can earn points by playing slot games. Sometimes the online casino will offer bonus points by playing certain slot games or playing at a certain time, so make sure you keep an eye out for that
  • Maintaining Points - Not only do you need to earn points, but you will need to maintain them as well. Sometimes your points won’t carry over to the next period (usually a month) so you need to maintain your points if you want to remain on the tier you are currently on

While the benefits of each tier of VIP pokies will differ depending on where you play, there are some common benefits seen right across the industry. Generally speaking, you’ll find there are three tiers for VIP slots online:

Low Tier

As soon as you join an online casino, this is the tier you will start in. You may be required to acquire a couple of thousand points before any loyalty program is initiated. You’ll likely be offered the standard weekly deposit bonus and get free spins on any new pokie game that is introduced

Middle Tier

Some of the benefits included in the middle tier would be larger deposit match bonuses, a higher conversion rate on points (making it easier to accumulate points) as well as gaining access to a dedicated customer support manager. This means that if anything goes wrong, you’ll have someone on hand to help you

Top Tier

Consider yourself a high roller when it comes to VIP pokies online? Well, you’ll fit right in with the top tier! You’ll have to accumulate a lot of points, but when you finally hit the top tier, there are so many benefits that come with it. 

You could get a bonus scheme that is tailored specifically to you, access to big prize giveaways like international trips, also you’ll receive a better conversion rate on your points, making it easier to earn points. You also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re in the top tier!

Our Favourite VIP Slot Company - Gambino Slots

Interested in playing VIP pokies, but don’t want to put any real cash down? Well, do we have the place for you, Gambino Slots! Here you don’t even need to create an account, you can play as a guest if you desire.

There are many reasons we love Gambino Slots, but the big draw card is the range of slot games available for users. According to their website, they have over 150 slot games, so there is sure to be something for everyone! There are some free or VIP slots in particular that we are loving at the moment.

Licence To Win

If you are a James Bond fan, then this slot game is right up your alley. There are up to 3,125 ways to win along with two different types of free spin features. There are several bonus symbols in this game as well, like the “diamond”, “spy” or “super spy”.

Wild Witch

The theme, as you might have been able to guess, is halloween witches! You can unlock the free spins feature with this free VIP slots game. As well as this, 50 pay lines could potentially payout each time you spin. The bubbling cauldron is how you activate the free spins feature.

Big 5 Africa

Like animals and want to feel like you're on a safari? The Big 5 Africa Gambino VIP pokies game is for you! With this game, there are 100 paylines and two different bonuses; the jackpot wheel and the free spins. You can get up to 200 free spins with that free spins feature, which would be pretty epic if you ask us.

VIP Pokies FAQs

While this guide is as comprehensive as they come, we know that the world of VIP pokies online is as vast as they come. So, it’s understandable if you still have some burning questions. Hopefully, any last questions will be picked up in our FAQs section.

VIP slots online is a place where you can play slots. When you become a member of an online casino, you are automatically entered into a VIP program. The more you play and earn points, the higher your tier. The higher tier you are in, the more benefits you get.

So many people think there must be something not legit about VIP slots, so they are always asking “is VIP slots legit”? The truth is they are legit! Many reputable online casinos offer free VIP slots programs, but make sure you check with first to ensure the online casino is as reputable as they come.

We love Gambino Slots for several different reasons, the main one being the range of slot games available, over 150! They also have daily gifts for their players, a great community you’d love to be a part of and a high roller room (if you like to play and win big!).

Every online casino will offer different VIP slot games, but if we look at Gambino Slots in particular, some of their most popular VIP pokies include; Big 5 Africa, Luxury Living, Legend of Zeus 2, Wild Witch and Licence to Kill.

There are some pretty amazing benefits of playing VIP slots online. If you are in one of the top tiers of a VIP slot program, you will see benefits like a dedicated customer service manager, bigger deposit match bonuses, the chance to win prizes like international trips, and more. 

For all those who are constantly on the go, the good news is that you can play free VIP slots on your phone. All the top online pokie platforms, like Gambino Slots, offer the ability to play on both desktop and mobile phones. The development of a VIP slots app has come a long way and it’s easy to play on the go.