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Although there are some amazing games which you can play in an Online Casino and which offer great interactive experiences that you could never get in a regular casino, sometimes it’s better just to strip things back. To go right back to the basics of two people facing off over their respective hands of cards. For people who want to play like that, we’ve got the perfect game – Blackjack Pro. No frills, and simple rules – it’s blackjack in its most timeless form. You and the dealer, a baize table, and one deck of cards. You could be in the saloons of the Wild West, on the riverboats of the Mississippi, or in one of the famous palaces in Las Vegas or Macau, and it wouldn’t feel any different – but this time you can play whenever you want, no queues, no waiting, from the comfort of your own home.

Know your game - take to the table like a professional

As games of Online Blackjack go, this one is as back to basics as they come. But even so, there are a few in depth extra rules which you should get to know in order to get the most out of it. Knowing these rules and being able to turn it to your advantage is what really makes you the “Pro” of the title. The first is the ‘split’ – this becomes an option when your first two cards have the same points value. By doubling your bet you can play with two hands instead of the one – a great way to exploit the advantage of having two tens, for example. The second is the ‘double’ – you can add to or double your wager if you’re sure that you only need a third card to beat the dealer’s hand. Again, if you really know your cards this is a definite opportunity to grab the upper hand in a game. Third are the rules around ‘insurance’, which comes into play when the dealer’s first card is an ace. Alongside your regular bet you can effectively bet on the dealer having achieved Blackjack with his first two cards, with a two to one payout if you’re correct. Finally there’s the ‘7 Card Charlie’ rule, where drawing seven cards without going bust can beat any hand except for Blackjack.

New players can claim an exclusive bonus up to £3,200

Even if you’re a real Blackjack Pro yourself, it may be your first time playing Online Casino Games with us at UK. In which case, be sure to take advantage of the great offer which we’ve laid on for new players – a starter bonus which could be worth up to £3,200. It’s the choice of the professional!

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