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Are you looking for a "natural"? Then step up to the live baccarat challenge! The object of the game is to place wagers on either the player's hand or the dealer’s hand, whichever one you think will get closer to nine. It's simple to bet: place chips on the player section if you think the player will be closest to nine without going bust or place a bet on the dealer’s hand if you think they will be closest to nine. You can also place a tie bet if you think the player and banker will get matching scores. This rarely happens, so the payout odds are even higher! The dealer or player bets each pay out one to one, but the tie bet will give you an eight to one payout if you are lucky enough to predict it!

How to Play Live Casino Baccarat

Two cards are dealt to the dealer and player after wagers are placed. If an eight or nine sum is dealt the game is won automatically. This is known as a "natural". If neither the dealer or player have a "natural", the player is dealt a card if the total of his cards is between 0 and 5. Depending on the player's hand, the dealer then either stands or is dealt a third card.

The cards are valued like this:

  • Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings: 0
  • Aces: 1
  • Number cards: Face value

Now that you know the basics, you are all set to start your own game of bacarrat in the live casino. Load up on snacks because you are about to embark on an amazing adventure into casino entertainment! Enjoy the ride!

Getting Into Live Casino Baccarat

Our live dealer baccarat is so exciting, you'll soon be in the swing of things and interacting with all the players at the table! Get a real charge from this exhilirating live online casino game now when you join our delightful gaming community! You are always welcome, so stop by now.

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