UseMyBank Casino Canada is proud to be a UseMyBank Casino, meaning we are re thrilled that our players can enjoy one of the most hassle-free payment methods available directly from our gambling arena.

What Is A UseMyBank Casino

UseMyBank, or UseMyFunds as it’s now known, is one of the most popular Instant Banking providers in Canada. The fact that the umbrella company, UseMyServices, is a born-and-bred Toronto brand is just one reason why it is such a popular choice among Canadian players.

Even though the HQ is in Toronto, there are regional branches all over the world, which brings us to a key benefit of transacting through a UseMyBank Casino. This service provider is international and uses a host of international banks for the fund transfer. The world suddenly got a whole lot smaller. Watch your money become a seasoned traveller!

Why Choose This UseMyBank Casino

So how does this unique service make a UseMyBank Casino the way to go? The UseMyBank, or UseMyFunds, product lets you deposit fund into your online casino playing account directly and in real-time, using money from your own bank account. And the beauty of it is that there is no sharing of your personal and financial info. We say ‘directly’ because there is no middle-man here – it’s a direct connection between Canada and your bank account, just with the data privacy aspect that makes it unique. This means no wasted processing time or unnecessary processing fees in an industry where speed is king.

Choose the leading UseMyBank Casino today and let your money change hands faster than your poker hand can be dealt. Way faster.

Advantages of Using UseMyBank at Canada

There are many different payment options available for Canadian online casino players, and sometimes choosing the best on isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are some of the pros and cons to choosing UseMyBank, or UseMyFunds, as your primary deposit method.

Speed is one of the most attractive attributes for our players. No one likes waiting around for the money to reach their account before they can start playing online blackjack or online slot games. With UseMyBank, the transfer takes places instantly.

There are no service fees when making a deposit into your casino account, this means that if you deposit $100, you’ll have $100 to play with. Players like that you don’t need to open an account at UseMyBank or UseMyFund in order to enjoy their services. All you need a bank that works with this service and will make the transfer.

For users who are concerned with safety, the entire process is anonymous as none of your personal details are shared with us. Additionally, UseMyFunds uses an SSL encryption to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure.

Nothing is perfect and there are some potential pitfalls that yu need to check out before attempting to use UseMyBank. The first thing to do is make sure that your online bank account supports the Useybank or UseMyFunds payment method. Withdrawing money can also be difficult for some users. You’ll need to make sure that your account includes the PAD, or Pre-Authorized Debit, option. Without the PAD availability you will need to use a separate payment method, such as a credit card in order to withdraw the funds from your online casino account.

We currently support UseMyServices Online Payment option, to open an account Please visit UseMyServices Website and to get more information about UseMyServices