Maestro Casino Canada is a Maestro Casino, because we accept MasterCard Maestro debit cards as one of our payment methods.

MasterCard is one of the two leading payment processing and credit card companies in the world, with a special focus on international markets. MasterCard is also well-established in the debit card arena and this is where the Maestro product comes in.

Benefits Of A Maestro Casino

As a debit card casino, we at Canada let Maestro card-holders reap the benefits of their MasterCard debit card. The big benefit of this product and its competitor, the Visa Debit or Visa Electron, versus credit cards is that you’re actually using your own money from your own bank account when you pay with this little piece of plastic. There’s no building up debt or owing everything including the kitchen sink to your bank when you transact with this card.

It has more limited swiping capabilities to use at traditional point-of-sale terminals than a regular MasterCard, as it has a magnetic stripe and the numbers aren’t emblazoned. This makes it best designed for online use.

All you need to do that’s different from using your regular MasterCard when paying online is to put in your four-digit authorization code. Simple as that!

How to Use MasterCard Maestro at Canada

The Maestro card, which used to go by the name Switch, is used the same one would use a standard MasterCard, and partly thanks to the familiar process, it has grown into one of the most popular payment methods.

Once you have your card, and a registered account at the online casino, head over to the Cashier page at and select that Maestro option. A pop-up window will open and you’ll just follow the simple instructions, determine an amount to deposit and your money will quickly be transferred into your account.

One of the biggest differences between a MasterCard and the Maestro is the Maestro is a debit card and not a credit card. Before you can transfer the money into your account, you’ll need to fund the account, either from your bank or an E-wallet service. This also means that, unlike a credit card, you can’t spend more than you have. This is a great protection for some players and will ensure that they don’t get in over their heads and deposit more than they can afford.

When the times to make a withdrawal from your online casino account, you can use your Maestro account, and move the money back to your account. The first time you make a withdrawal you’ll need to provide several proofs of ID, including a utility bill, photo ID and a picture of your credit card with the first 4 and final 6 digits showing. This only used for verification purposes and is only done after the first withdrawal. Canada Is A Maestro Casino

Because we’re a Maestro Casino, you can deposit funds and withdraw your winnings into your debit account using the card details. Every transaction is as smooth as can be and completely secure. Maestro takes their users privacy very seriously and has several security measures in place. Each card come with a private 4-digit PIN code that needs to be entered with each use. In addition to the PIN you can add another password called SecureCard that will need to be entered with each transaction. The combination of these 2 passwords, plus the state of the art anti-fraud software and encryptions that they use is enough to keep our players mind a ease with the knowledge that their money and personal information are safe whe playing at the casino online.

Sign up to our online casino today, and pay and be paid in the way that suits you best. Master your art of gaming at Canada, the leading Maestro Casino!

We currently support MasterCard Online Payment option, to open an account Please visit MasterCard Website.