Howl at the Moon: The Best Wolf-Based Slot Games

howling wolf

Wolves and slot machines: the partnership that no-one could have predicted. Why is it that these incredible creatures, often at the heart of myth and folklore, and the genetic forefather of man’s best friend, are so popular with both slot machine developers and their players?

Wolf Run is one the most popular slots ever made; both in bricks and mortar casinos around the world and online. The game’s Native American theme has been a long-standing hit with slots players and there are dozens of spin-offs from the original game.

Creating original slot machine themes is something of an art. It’s almost impossible to second guess what players will respond to. For reasons we are about to explore, the wolf theme seems to resonate.

Why Fruit Machine?

Did you know that the original slot machine symbols, featuring different types of fruit, were based on the flavours of gum you could win by playing the machine? If you lined up three cherries, you won a pack of cherry flavoured gum. It was that simple.

The bell symbol was based on the machine’s name: The Liberty Bell. The card symbols were used because some of the earliest machines featured drums holding actual cards. Players would need to make a winning poker hand to hit the jackpot. The card symbols were transferred to the reels.

In the late 1970s, International Game Technology (IGT) introduced the world to video slots. IGT is the company behind the original Wolf Run. The land-based slot has been a Las Vegas favourite for many years and was an obvious choice for IGT to convert to an online game.

The Wolfpack

Today, at, there are at least a dozen games inspired by wolves; wolves with vampires, big bad wolves, and wolves that only appear when the moon is full. However, it is the classic Jack London, Call of the Wild, wolf that is a favourite for online slot players.

The original IGT Wolf Run online slot is a five-reel game, with 40 winlines. It’s low on frills but is crisp and easy to play. Symbols on display include various wolves and totem poles. Also from IGT is Wolf Ridge. This 2018 online slot is a much more contemporary affair, with animated icons and howling wilds. It’s a pleasure to play.

Not surprisingly, other online casino developers have jumped on the lupine bandwagon. At, you can find wolf-themed online slots from Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin, and Blueprint.

Call of the Wild

The historical relationship between man and wolf is complex. No one knows exactly how it started. Some theories say that wolves basically followed humans for food, picking up their scraps and

leftovers. Early humans and wolves also hunted for the same prey. Was it competition or cooperation?

Wolves have long been the subjects of mythology. In Roman times, revered as the guardians of Rome’s founders Romulus and Remus. For the Native Americans, a spiritual creature and much respected. Wolves can be trained but they can never be fully trusted; always wild at heart.

It’s this deep tradition – the boy who cried wolf, red riding hood, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the tale of Romulus and Remus – that makes the wolf such a culturally important animal. Our domesticated dogs, a direct connection to the wild ancestor that has howled and lurked in the shadows, alongside us for 35,000 years.

Beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous, wolves and humans have evolved together. This iconic species is used to sell beer, clothing, football clubs, gin, oil, aftershave, cocoa, and more. It was always going to be a great option for an online slot and so it has been proved. If you want to run with the pack, and take a wolf-themed online slot for a spin, just head for the lobby at and find your favourite game. Have fun and enjoy the action.

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