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On the website, our mission statement is clear for everybody to see. We endeavour to be the very best online casino out there, both in terms of the number and type of games we provide and the kind of customer service our players receive. You’ll also note that many of our winners below benefited from VIP treatment at some point in the player journey. 

Due to the nature of casino games like blackjack and roulette, part of that lofty goal means rewarding our players for choosing to play at Just about everyone on the site has the opportunity to take advantage of our welcome package and a range of ongoing promotions.

Of course, the big prizes are what everybody likes to hear about and, as of the time of writing, we’ve paid out nearly £35m in jackpots to lucky players. Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest Blackjack wins recently at

We hope there’ll be many more to come.

Note that, due to privacy reasons, has hidden the names of each winner mentioned below.

Mr H – Dubai – $900,000

A winner of almost a million dollars back in September 2021, Mr H from sunny Dubai managed to secure two huge wins on Blackjack Live, at the Soiree Elite VIP Blackjack table. Mr H had been playing at for two years before his pair of successes, which occurred over just two days, and seems to prefer the classic games of roulette and slots, in addition to live dealer blackjack

On the first day of his winning Blackjack Live session, Mr H started out with a balance of $15,000 and made bets of between $10,000 and $20,000. Much to his surprise, the Dealer went bust a number of times, meaning that Mr H was able to rake in $312,000, with several sums of $40,000 coming from the Dealer’s misfortune, namely, several hands worth 22, one more than the limit of 21.

Mr H’s second day at the table involved much larger wagers, of between $2,000 and $100,000. He would reach a maximum balance of $547,600.08 before visiting the cashier and withdrawing that $900,000 bounty. It took just a few days for Mr H to receive his winnings. While this facility is entirely dependent on the type of payment provider used, we aim to get players’ money to them as quickly as possible.

Mr H is one of our VIP members, reaching level 12 at the time of his $900,000. While we value all of our players, VIPs gain access to special perks and promotions that aren’t available to the wider audience.

Mr Y – United Arab Emirates – $714,110.98

Another one of our winners from the Arabian Peninsula, Mr Y joined us in 2020 and took a balance of $22,000 up to $758,110.98 over 775 hands. While Mr Y is another player who likes to vary the type of games he plays, stepping in and out of roulette lobbies and slots games, his biggest success to date occurred, once again, in Blackjack Live, at the same table as our previous Mr X.

As is customary with all our big winners, we contacted Mr Y for his reaction to his most recent success. He said, “My family didn’t believe me when I said I won again two weeks after my [first] big win! I am over the moon, my friend…” As one of our VIP members, Mr Y also had something to say about the service we offer at “…thank you for following me every day and supporting me with any queries I have.”  Mr Y was a level 18 VIP at the time of his big win, which means that he is privy to some of our exclusive benefits. Our account managers organised dinner and an evening at the opera for Mr Y and his wife and sent his children new mobile phones. Mr Y would eventually withdraw $520,000.00 from his account. “I will tell all my friends to join your casino. I love blackjack!” the player would later tell us. 

Mr A – Saudi Arabia – £2,007,705.68

A winner at the Live Blackjack table, Mr A is also a fan of roulette live. “Those sessions were crazyyyyyy… I was better than the dealer! Until he got better and won over me… but I will be back and I am confident I will win again you will see…” Mr A has been playing with us for quite some time now, joining the site in 2016. His big win would come in September of 2021, though. 

A VIP level 20, Mr A opened his session with a balance of £22,086.68. Over 2,465 hands, and bet values that ranged from £1,800 to £95,500, the player would eventually tip his balance over £2m. However, after spending time playing more casino games, Mr A withdrew £1.6m from his account.

Mr A’s experience is a good example of how big money doesn’t always come from single, huge wins. Mr A placed bets of £80,000 and £87,000k and won £207,000 and £225,000, respectively. While, of course, these are still quite large wagers, it was nevertheless the combination of thousands of hands that served him better in the long run. 

Mr A was good to his word, as he managed to claim another big win in December of 2021, just three months after the one we’ve just discussed. We’ll see how that one panned out, next.

Mr A – Saudi Arabia – £347,117.91

It was a birthday to remember for this lucky player. Mr A of Saudi Arabia managed to turn bets in the range of £2,000 to £49,500 into a windfall worth £347,117.91. What’s his birthday got to do with it? Mr A began his gaming session with’s birthday bonus before going on to play a number of different games, including Quantum Blackjack Plus Live, as well as the standard Blackjack Live.

In this case, Mr A might be considered a bit of an unusual player, as he prefers to break up his experience at the blackjack table by playing a few games of roulette. This player, who has been with us for five years now, has been known to play Live French Roulette and Mega Fire Blaze Roulette Live. These variant games add new features and extra ways to win to the classic game of roulette.

What did Mr A think of his big win? We reached out to the player recently. “…thank youuuuu. It was a blessed bonus coming from your heart!!! I had a great day thanks to your casino again. Please don’t forget my Christmas bonus…” We added to our VIP members’ birthday gifts by sending him a framed signed t-shirt of the footballer Maradona. His account manager reported that he was happy with the present.

New Member – Iceland – €271,000

Finally, between the 9th and 14th of October 2021, a new member from Iceland claimed a prize of €271,000 after playing for six days with bets of between €5,000 and €25,000. As with many of the other players on this list, our new member enjoys a few rounds of blackjack and placed many of his recent wagers at the Live Blackjack 2 table. This game type features a real human dealer to play with.

While this member wasn’t available for comment, one of our account managers was able to contact him over the phone. He explained that his €271,000 win came during his first time ever at an online casino, as he usually only plays games with his friends. One of’s account managers sent a bottle of champagne all the way to Iceland to celebrate. 

This particular member enjoys delving into the world of slot games. has plenty of different slots that appeal to fans of all genres, themes, and features, but our Icelandic player prefers to play Age of the Gods, which is a five-reel game that includes a Mystery Jackpot. 

Hopefully, due to the range of gamers we’ve discussed above, it should be obvious that big wins aren’t exclusive to long-time players or people who like to play with tens of thousands of credits. Our Icelandic player was brand new to, while several of our other winners built up their balances by playing thousands of hands over longer periods. Of course, there’s no guaranteed way to win, as all our casino games feature an element of chance, but there’s always a possibility that luck will fall on your side, particularly if you follow the recommended basic blackjack strategy. Various blackjack betting systems have less convincing claims to success, but you are welcome to read about these and many other topics in the pages of our comprehensive guide.

Playing at is fun but it’s important to gamble responsibly. Some of the elements to consider before starting to play any online games are the below:

  • Always set time and expenditure limits
  • Expect to lose and never chase your losses
  • Avoid gambling on credit as this is extremely dangerous
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