How the James Bond Betting System Works

Players practice James Bond betting system at the roulette table.

Roulette is one of the oldest games in the world and has existed within brick-and-mortar casinos since the 18th century. Its popularity has helped it to stay at the forefront of gambling, and developers have digitalised it for modern audiences to enjoy.

Part of the game’s appeal is its unpredictability and the unparalleled thrills it can evoke. It is notoriously difficult to predict, which is part of the fun for many players across the globe. So, with this in mind, why do some players think they can overcome it by using a betting system? You may have heard of the James Bond betting system for roulette, as it’s one for the most famous strategies out there. But let us tell you now, if you use it thinking it’s a sure-fire way to beat the wheel, you’ll be disappointed.

What is the James Bond Betting System in a Nutshell?

James Bond is one of the best-known fictional characters ever created, and one of his key attributes is his knack for winning at gambling games. Therefore, a betting system was named after him. It should be noted, however, that the strategy was not introduced by Ian Fleming, and it didn’t appear in any of the Eon Productions films either. Indeed, the only relation to the MI6 spy is the name.

The idea behind the James Bond system is to cover a vast area of the betting surface. At first glance, the system seems complicated, as it involves spreading 20 units of stake unevenly across the board. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

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How do you Implement the James Bond System?

The James Bond betting system uses 20 units of stake, so to keep things simple, let’s say each unit is worth £1:

  • You would put £14 on the outside bet of 19-36, which has a return of 1/1.
  • You would then place £5 on the inside 6-line bet of 13-14-15-16-17-18, which has a pay out of 5/1.
  • Finally, £1 is placed on zero, which has a return of 35/1.

The reason why most of the chips go on the outside bet is because this has the greatest chance of coming in. If one of these numbers lands, players receive £8 profit. If the 6-line bet comes in it awards £10 profit, while the green zero would result in £16 profit. If the ball lands on a number that isn’t covered, it’s a losing bet.

In this scenario, the system dictates that players use a negative progression like the Martingale System to ensure that all losses are recouped when a winning spin comes in again.

Why Doesn’t the James Bond System Work?

Would Bond be the cool and collected character he is if he failed to beat the house at casinos? The legendary spy may be known for enjoying a flutter, but players need to remember that he belongs in fiction.

007 frequently gets lucky at the tables, but this is often used as a plot device or to reflect his stylish persona. Fleming never devised a strategy for his character because it wasn’t necessary for the reader to understand the mechanics behind Bond’s victories.

There is clearly some logic in the James Bond betting system, as it allows bettors to cover more than half of the wheel and gives them a good chance of picking up a win. It is by no means a greedy approach and focuses on gradually building up winnings over time. Nonetheless, it doesn’t consider the incredible unpredictability of the wheel.

The main problem is that when a win doesn’t come in, bettors lose more than they would gain from hitting one of their numbers. The Martingale system is used to mitigate this, but it often means that players are doubling their bets to astonishing amounts before being able to make a small profit back.

The Flawed Martingale System

The Martingale progression states that you should double your bet every time you lose. However, a losing streak could last for a lengthy period, meaning that bettors need to hold their nerve and trust in the system while putting down increasingly larger stacks. This could bring about another problem, though.

Many roulette tables have a limit stating that bettors can’t stake more than a certain amount. That means that the Martingale system can only go up to that table’s limit. If it exceeds that without the player winning, they face huge losses.

What Do You Need to Know to Play Roulette?

At, we want our players to have the best possible playing experience that they can have online. That’s why we don’t want anyone to play without knowing the full story about these so-called foolproof betting systems.

If there was an infallible system that could beat the wheel, don’t you think everyone would be using it?

Games like roulette should be about enjoying the thrills and going along for the ride. The uncertainty is part of the fun, and the joy is slightly lessened if you try to beat the wheel. It is wise to go into a gaming session with a plan and some set boundaries involving money management. If you keep the stakes low, you can maximise your enjoyment and reduce the stress. It can be fun to adopt a relaxed attitude like Bond’s when playing. Just remember that there are some risks involved when using it.

Stephen Tabone is a prolific author of books that analyse how casino-goers can profit from randomness. The London-born betting strategist has honed his expertise in number combinations and patterns for nearly 30 years, creating rule-based systems that reduce risk and raise long-term profits. His acclaimed Baccarat and Roulette books include the ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy’, ‘The Clockwork Betting System’, ‘The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy’, and ‘The Martingale-Tabone Fusion Betting System’, among others. His other interests are in similarly high-stakes fields such as political analysis, investment and stock trading.

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