How to Play Online Blackjack at

Playing casino blackjack online at couldn’t be easier. This simple guide will give you everything you need to know about getting the most fun out of your online blackjack experience.

First, open up your blackjack table. Double click the icon on your desktop to start the software, click ‘Card & Table Games’, and then select the blackjack game you want to play. The blackjack table will open in a separate window.

Starting a Blackjack Hand

To start a blackjack hand, click on a chip of the value that you want to bet. Each additional click will add one extra chip to your bet. If you’re playing 3-handed or 5-handed, first click on the chip of the value of the bet you wish to make. Then click on the playing position, once for each chip you want to bet. Click ‘Cancel Bets’ if you want to change your bets and start again.

Once you’ve made all your bets, click on the ‘Deal’ button. The software will now deal all the cards to all your playing positions, and to the dealer.

If the dealer is dealt an ace as his face-upward, you have the option of purchasing insurance. If you want to buy insurance, click on the ‘Insurance’ button.

How to Play Your Blackjack Hand

You will now be given the option to hit or stand. Click the ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’ buttons at the bottom of the table, depending on your choice of action. Depending on the cards you’re dealt, you may also be given the option to ‘double’ or ‘split’. These buttons will appear in the same place as the ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’ buttons, when they are an option.

Remember that if you choose to buy insurance, double or split, these will cost you additional bets.

Once you’ve made all your actions, it’s the dealer’s turn. The dealer will deal cards to himself until the value of his hand is 17 or higher. Once the dealer has finished, all bets will be resolved, and winnings will be credited to your account.

To start a new hand, click on ‘New Game’. Click the ‘Rebet’ button if you wish to bet the same amount as the previous hand.

For more information on all the features of our great online casino blackjack tables, scroll down.

To start playing blackjack at, download our software and open a Real Money account. Make sure you read our Rules of Blackjack page first, and for more information on the game, visit our History of Blackjack page.

If you have any questions about playing blackjack, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team. Have fun playing blackjack at – the only place to play.

Online Blackjack Features

Multihand: You can play online blackjack in multihand mode, and play up to five hands at the same time. To play in this mode, select Multihand in the casino lobby before starting the game.

Multiplayer and Private Group Modes: You can also play blackjack against other players! If you want to join a multiplayer blackjack table, select Multiplayer in the casino lobby before starting the game. To play in a Private Group, you need to know the name of the group in advance. For more information about setting up a Private Group table, contact one of our support team.

Remember, if you’re not active for a period of time, there will be a 15-second countdown in which you can make your move or lose your turn. If you lose your internet connection while playing multiplayer blackjack, you will automatically be removed from the table and the other players will continue to play without you.

Blackjack Buttons

  • Deal: Pressing this button will start the game, and the blackjack cards will be dealt.
  • Insurance: You can use this button to protect yourself in a hand when the dealer may have a blackjack.
  • Double: Use this button to double your wager. You can only double with certain hands.
  • Hit: When playing blackjack, pressing the ‘Hit’ button will deal another card to your hand.
  • Stand: Use this button when you’re happy with your blackjack hand and require no further cards to be dealt to you.
  • New Game: Pressing this button will start a new blackjack game.
  • Rebet: When you start a new game, you can use the ‘Rebet’ button if you want to bet exactly the same amount as you did in the previous hand.
  • Skip Turn: If you’re playing multiplayer blackjack, you can use this button if you want to skip a turn.
  • Split: You can use this button only on certain hands. Pressing the ‘Split’ button will separate your hand into two separate hands.
  • Chat: Click on the Chat button to activate a chat. A text box will pop open for you to type into.