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Video poker is an exciting game that comes in numerous variations when you visit an online casino. At Australia one version of online video poker from Playtech that is worth checking out is 50-Line Jacks or Better. The game is simple and gives you a shot at exciting wins if you are dealt the right hand. The fact that you can bet across 50 lines can give you significantly big wins and makes this one of the online casino games that you don’t want to miss.

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50-Line Jacks or Better is a 5-hand game of video poker. Unlike the original Jacks or Better version, this game has 50 lines. Get the best 5-card poker hand and you stand to win. When you multiply this across 50 lines the possibilities of winning are good. Of course since your bet multiplies 50 times across 50 lines, the possibility of winning but not enough to recover your bet amount is always there.

The game of 50-Line Jacks or Better has a superb interface, as you would expect in a Playtech game. The graphics are excellent, with the 49 lines occupying most of the screen. Below it is the 50th line of 5 cards. Because there are 50 lines it is not possible to show the paytable directly on the screen itself. You can see the paytable by clicking the Paytable button at the bottom left. The coin size is shown at the bottom right; you can click the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ buttons on either side of it to decrease or increase your coin size and thereby, your wager. The different buttons you can use to play the game are located just below the 50th line of 5 cards.

Playing 50-Liine Jacks or Better at Australia

To play 50-Line Jacks or Better first place your bets. You can do this by choosing the wager amount and then choosing the number of lines you want to bet on. Click Bet One to bet on a single line or choose Bet Max to bet on all 50 lines at once. Once you have placed your bets click Deal.

When you click deal you are dealt a 5-card poker hand on the first line. Select which of these cards you want to hold and then click Deal again. The remaining cards are replaced and the remaining 49 lines are also dealt out. How much you win or lose depends on the winning hands that appear on the 50 lines. The minimum hand for a win is a pair of Jacks.

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