Neteller Casino

Neteller is a revolutionary system from the United Kingdom that completely eradicates the need to use credit or debit cards online, therefore providing one of the safest payment methods around. Although it is not as widely accepted as some of the other more well-known payment methods, we are proud to accept it here at Online Casino, as we always strive to provide the most convenient options for all of our customers.

Neteller manages to stop credit and debit card use by creating a one-time only card for customers. Simply deposit money into this e-wallet and every time you want to make a payment, Neteller will generate new credit card information, which can be placed into the site in the same way that a credit card would. There is no safer way to make purchases than through the use of Neteller.

Huge amounts of AU members are already using this payment method to great effect and the number will only continue to rise. We thoroughly encourage everyone to take a look at their site and to sign up – it is free and could be the best thing you’ve done online for a long time (except for signing up to play online casino games at AU, that is)!

For more information visit Neteller site.