Play UK Online Blackjack at Australia

Every major online casino offers a wide range of online blackjack games to players. At too you get a superb range of blackjack games, one of which is UK Blackjack. This game from Playtech looks great and has some great features designed to help you pick up wins. This game uses 6 decks of cards without any jokers in them. This is a multi-hand game that allows you to play a maximum of 5 hands per game. Enjoy UK Blackjack and other blackjacked themed online casino games when playing for real money.

More Facts about UK Blackjack

The fact that UK Blackjack is a 5-hand progressive jackpot game means you get to pick up a maximum of 5 times the amount you would have won in a single hand game. However, on the flip side it also means you will lose more than you would in a single-hand game if your hand is the losing hand.

All Playtech games come with excellent graphics and features, and this game is no exception. At the top right you find the dealer’s shoe and at the top left the slot for used cards. Between these two you find the Colors option – you can use it to change the color of the table – and the chip tray. The chips are also arranged on the table’s edge at the bottom of the screen to make it easy for you to place bets.

Playing UK Blackjack for Real Money

The standard blackjack rules apply in UK Blackjack. Place your bets by clicking on a chip and then clicking on the designated area on the table. The number of bets you place for a hand depends on how many hands at a time you are playing. After placing the bets, you have the option of changing the last bet placed using the Undo button or changing all the bets placed using the Clear Bets feature. Once you have placed your bets click Deal.

When you click Deal you are dealt a 2-card hand with both cards face-up; the dealer gets just the open card. You may get multiple hands if you are playing in multi-hand mode.

Once you have played your hand the dealer’s second card is dealt, and any other card if required. The hand with a higher value or 21 wins. If your hand is tied with the dealer’s the Push option comes into play.

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