Play Blackjack Switch Online at Australia

Blackjack Switch is a single player game that allows you to take the hand you are dealt and make a switch – all to increase your odds of winning. Play online blackjack in this version if you sometimes wish you could just switch some cards to give yourself better odds.

How Blackjack Switch Differs from Classic Blackjack

In Blackjack Switch players are dealt two hands to play against the dealer and are able to switch the top cards of each hand with one another in order to improve the hands. Another difference between Blackjack Switch and classic blackjack is that in the online casino game, Blackjack Switch, the dealer is also given an advantage – 22 is not considered a bust; it is a push against all your hands except for Blackjack.

Playing Blackjack Switch at AU

To begin to play Blackjack Switch you must place equal bets on both your hands. You then hit the "deal" button and your cards will be dealt. Before you begin to play each hand you will be given the option to switch top cards between your two hands. Hit the "switch" button to view the switched hands. You can always switch back to your original hands if you prefer them. You then play each of your hands as usual with the options to hit, stand, double or split.

Play Blackjack Switch at AU

If you ever wish that you could just switch your cards to give yourself a better chance in the online casino game of Blackjack, Blackjack Switch may be your answer. To play this exciting game with its added advantage of being able to switch cards, simply download our online casino software and get started. Also try out Lucky Blackjack and Pontoon for other great blackjack options available at the online AU.