Play Wild Viking Online at Australia

The game of Wild Viking is different from anything you may have played at an online casino: it is a game that looks like poker in that it is played with cards, but is actually based on roulette. The only difference is that instead of a roulette wheel and ball the driver of the game is a hand of 5 cards that is drawn from a deck of cards that also has 2 jokers apart from the regular 52 cards. Play this great online table game and many other online casino games right here at

Wild Viking is a Game with a Difference

Like in roulette you can place multiple bets in Wild Viking. Also, the outcome of the roulette bets depends on the last card that you draw. In case the last card is a joker, you lose on all bets placed except the Wild Viking bet, the Poker bets, and also the Progressive bet. The result of the poker and progressive bets is dependent on the 5 cards that are dealt, while the result of the Viking Wild bet is determined by the value of the first and last cards dealt among the 5.

Like all other Playtech games, Wild Vikings also has a great interface. The table appears full, without looking cluttered, which is quite an ask, given the number of cards laid out on it. The 2 jokers and the roulette bets are arranged at the bottom of the table, while the poker bets are shown at the top right of the table. The chips are shown on the table’s edge, with the progressive jackpot slot at the top center of the table.

Playing Viking Wild at Australia For Real Money

We have already discussed in brief earlier how to play Wild Viking. At Australia, the first step to playing this game for real money is to place your bets. You can do this by clicking on your preferred chip and then clicking it on the bets you want to place. After you have placed your bets you have the option of changing them by clicking the Clear Bets button. Otherwise, click Deal to initiate the deal.

Once you click Deal 5 cards are dealt. Depending on the hand you have and the bets you have placed you get a chance to score a win. The win amount is shown in the form of a pile of chips at the bottom right of the table. You can now get ready for the next hand by clicking the New Game button. This clears up the table, allowing you to place bets again. You can do this manually, or if you want to repeat the earlier bet, by clicking the Rebet button. The new hand is now ready to be dealt.

Now that you know all there is to know about Wild Viking, come play this exciting game at Australia with our $400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus.