Play What's Cooking Online Pokies at Australia

Instead of making dinner in the kitchen, now you have a chance to make money in a kitchen-like setting. What’s Cooking is a game of online pokies that follows a culinary theme throughout its five reels and 30 paylines. The top jackpot is 10,000 coins, so depending on how much you wager, you could walk out of the kitchen with a lot more than food.

Online Casino kitchen

As you enter the online casino kitchen, decide how much you want to bet per spin, and how many paylines you want to activate, and then give the reels a whirl. Watch as ingredients like eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, steak and onions twirl by. There are also pots bubbling over with water and sauce, and even a grease fire. The pay table indicates how many of each you need in order to win money.

This is no ordinary game of online slots. The scatter symbol is in the shape of a chef, and if you turn up three, four or five of them anywhere on the reels, your winnings will be multiplied. As with some advanced online slots, What’s Cooking lets you win both bonus spins and a multiplier in a bonus game that’s triggered by a cookbook symbol on the first and fifth reel. You just have to put together a dish to find out what you've won.

There’s also a wild card in this online casino: the smoking stove. It can stand in for any symbol you need, aside from the chef and his cookbook.

Dollar Ball

There’s something else going on in this crazy kitchen for those playing for money: a side game of Dollar Ball, like in the Thrill Seekers and Forest of Wonders games. Dollar Ball sidebets work like a lottery, with the jackpot growing each time someone plays. After you download our cutting edge software, you just have to enable the game, choose five numbers and hope the computer draws ones that match yours when you spin the reels. You can switch your numbers or disable the game anytime you want.

Put on an apron, grab a spoon and see what winnings you can stir up! Check out our wide variety of online casino games today.