Play Lucky Blackjack Online at Australia

Lucky Blackjack is one of the exciting variations of online blackjack offered by AU. With unique rules, Lucky Blackjack is a refreshing option for blackjack fans, giving you the familiarity of the classic games with a unique twist.

How Lucky Blackjack Differs from Classic Blackjack

Unlike classic blackjack, Lucky Blackjack is a single player game. Players do not play blackjack against the dealer in Lucky Blackjack as you are not dealt your own cards. The aim of Lucky Blackjack is to bet on the card total you think the dealer will achieve.

How to Play Lucky Blackjack at AU

Before you begin to play Lucky Blackjack, you must place a bet on one of seven potential scores that the dealer may achieve in his blackjack hand. The scores are displayed in the middle of the table and include 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, BJ and bust. When you click the "deal" button the dealer will be dealt two cards – one face-up and one face-down. The face-down card will be revealed. If the dealer's total is 16 or below, he will be required to hit, until he goes bust or his total hand score is 17 or over, in which case he must stand.

Once the dealer's turn has ended, his total hand count will be compared to the number that you bet on. If you bet correctly, you win; if you bet incorrectly, you lose.

Payouts for Lucky Blackjack

When you play blackjack different outcomes come with different odds which determine your payout if you are successful. Lucky Blackjack at Australian is no different. Payouts for the online game of Lucky Blackjack at AU are as follows:

  • 17 = 5:1
  • 18 = 6:1
  • 19 = 6:1
  • 20 = 4:1
  • 21 = 12:1
  • Bust = 2:1
  • Blackjack = 19:1

Play Lucky Blackjack at AU

To play Lucky Blackjack at an online casino you can simply download the top quality software and begin placing bets. Alternatively, you may like to try your hand at Blackjack Surrender or Progressive AU has a variety of online casino games all available right at your fingertips.