Play Online Baccarat at Australia

An exciting cards game for all kinds of online casino player, when you play Baccarat online casino games you bet on the outcome of the game rather than your own hand, and so this opens up lots of winning opportunities – in fact, when you play online Baccarat you can lose your hand but still win the game! Easy to learn, fun to play and offering plenty of action, you can play for a range of stakes or even free games in Practice mode if you prefer. And for players seeking real money games, there is a range of bonuses available to enhance your bankroll, such as our exclusive 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus for new players.

Online Baccarat History

Originating in Italy but adopted by France in the early fifteenth century where it gained its popularity, the name Baccarat means ‘Zero’ and this refers to the scoring system within the game. All face cards have a zero point value when you play, and the Baccarat hand is a hand worth zero points in total, and this is where the name derives from. Although the game eventually became popular in France, it was relatively unknown at first, played only in the streets and illegal gambling houses. It wasn’t until aristocrats several centuries later invited Baccarat into their parlours and adopted it as a worthy pastime that it spread and became a popular option among gamblers.

As the game became better known and gambling was legalised, with travel opening up to the general population through trade and industry, it spread to other parts of Europe and America and various variants popped up, including Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco. Soon, Baccarat was a common sight in all successful land-based casinos across the globe, and with the dawn of the internet, online versions of the game were a natural progression. There was no longer any need for travel or limited opening times; players could enjoy everything Baccarat has to offer in the comfort of their own home, which is why this game is now enjoying greater popularity than ever before. And in recent years, Baccarat has also been added to the list of live casino games, for that authentic casino feel.

Game Odds

A favourite among players because of its low house edge, there are only three bets to choose from and each has a very specific edge. According to research using complex mathematical equations, the Player bet wins an average of 49.32% of the time while the Banker wins on average 50.68%, and when you place a Tie bet, it has a 44.62% win average. Knowing this may help you to inform your choices when you’re betting at the Baccarat table. Another point worth noting is that the increased edge of the Banker bet results in a 5% commission from the winnings of all successful Banker bets placed. In addition, the odds are reflected in the payouts, with Banker and Player paying out at 2:1, while the Tie bet pays out at 9:1 – like all casino games played online, the lower odds of winning mean you receive more winnings when your bet comes in.

Game Rules

The rules of this exciting card game are simple to learn, so even if you are completely new to Baccarat, you’ll be enjoying the action at the tables in no time at all. Your role is to bet on the outcome of the game, rather than your actual hand, and you have three options to bet on: the Banker to win, the Player to win, or a Tie. To indicate your choice of bet, simply set your coin level and then click on the correct betting area. Once you’ve placed your bet, hit the Deal button and you and the banker will receive two face-up cards.

It is also worth taking a few moments to understand the points scoring system before you play. All face cards and ten cards in Baccarat are worth zero, and the suit is always irrelevant. So, for example, if you receive a hand that consists of hand is J/8, then your hand is worth 8 points. If your hand is 10/4, then your hand is worth 4 points. If your hand adds up to a double figure – for instance, an 8 and a 7 add up to 15 points, then you drop the ten and your hand total is actually 5. Two face cards will count as a score of zero, and so on.

The winning hand in any Baccarat game is the hand that has a point total that is closest to 9. You automatically win your hand if you are dealt a nine or an eight in your initial two cards – but remember, even f you win your and, you have to bet on Player to win the game. There may be a third card drawn – this is known as a ‘Hit’ – but if either hand reads 8 or 9 in the initial deal, then both hands automatically stand. If the player’s hand is worth 5 or less and there is no 8 or 9 showing in the dealer’s hand, the player can Hit a third card.

Game Buttons

These are the buttons that you will use when you play our Baccarat online.

  • Clear Bets: If you make a mistake when you are placing your bets, click this to start over.
  • Deal: Click this to receive your initial two cards.
  • New Game: Click this to play a new game.
  • Rebet: Use this button to place the same bet again at the same stake amount.
  • Stakes: These are the betting options open to you; click to show how much you wish to place per bet before indicating which bet you are predicting will win.

Strategies and Tips

Although there is no magic formula to ensure a foolproof winning Baccarat strategy, there are a few basic things you can do to enhance your casino games experience and improve your odds of winning by lessening the potential for silly mistakes, so you can concentrate on having fun and enjoying your online casino Australia experience.

Learn Your Bets: Make sure you know your bets so you don’t make silly mistakes when playing. The basic rule is that the higher the payout, the more difficult it is to hit that winning combination – so many players like to mix their bets with low paying, low risk and high paying, high risk options. You should know the odds of the bets, and also make choices based on your personal preferences and playing style. For instance, players that prefer a steadier outcome choose lower risk bets such as Banker or Tie, as these have better payout odds and although they pay less, they win more frequently. Alternatively, players that like higher risk for bigger payouts opt for the Tie bet. Which will you choose? Learn your stuff to maximise your fun as well as your winning potential.

Protect Your Bankroll: this means making sure that you understand the table limits and that you keep your bet amounts in line with your playing style and your bankroll. Betting limits are shown on each table, with the minimum and maximum amounts clearly displayed. Also, be aware of how much you are willing to spend before you start playing; make a plan and stick to it. Will you place lower bets with more frequency for more chances to win? According to the laws of probability, keeping your bets low and repetitions high is the best way to secure more wins.

Plan for Your Winnings: know before you start dealing the cards what your plan is for your winnings – and once again stick to it! Will you pocket all winnings for another day’s play, or will you cash out right away?

Practice: If you’re completely new to the game or to the casino layout, you can take advantage of the Practice games – no deposit required – to familiarise yourself with the rules and software. It means that you can try out the online version of the game for free, to see whether you like it, and if you want to move on to the real money version, you’ll be more confident at the table.

Basic Glossary

Here are some basic terms that you will come across when you play Baccarat and other casino games. Learning these basic words will provide a better all-round experience at the tables as you will be familiar with what they mean and as result, can concentrate on the fun element.

  • Banco: This means Banker.
  • Cashier: Go to this area of the casino to complete any money transactions, including deposits and cashouts and claiming your casino bonus.
  • Cashout: To remove your winnings from your casino account and place them into your bank account or other preferred payment method, go to this area of the casino.
  • Banker bet: a bet that the Banker’s hand will beat the Player’s hand in that games round.
  • Chemin de Fer: The French name for Baccarat.
  • Deposit: Add funds to your bankroll using your preferred online payment method – each method has its own clearance times and there may be a small charge from your provider; make sure you check this out before making your deposit.
  • Lobby: Go to this area of the casino to access all your favourite online games including Baccarat.
  • Mini Baccarat: A condensed version of this popular game, played on a smaller table and with different payout system.
  • Online Bonus: A bonus is a set amount of money awarded to you by the casino to make your bankroll stretch further; terms and conditions apply with every bonus and bonuses are completely voluntary.
  • Paytable: There is a paytable on every game and its function is to display how much you can win for each possible bet that you can make.
  • Player bet: A bet that the Player’s hand will beat the Banker’s hand in that games round.
  • Practice Play: Try our casino games for free in this mode using virtual chips only – no deposit needed, and winnings are in the form of virtual chips also.
  • Punto: This means the Player.
  • Standoff: Another way of saying a Tie
  • Tie bet: A bet that the banker and the Player will tie.

Opening a Real Money Account

When you play our Baccarat games, you have the choice of playing free games, with no deposit required, or games with actual cash payouts for real money stakes. Practice mode is instant; simply click on your free game of choice to be taken to the table and play with virtual chips for virtual chips as prizes. Alternatively, to play Baccarat games for real money, simply register a Australia account today, make a deposit to fund your bankroll and then hit the tables. You can then experience a state of the art gaming experience with over 300 games on offer including live Baccarat games.

If you already have an active account, you can log in and play real money games right away. But if you are new to our casino, don’t worry; it takes just moments to complete the online web form and activate your account. Simply enter the required details and hit the Create button to activate your account. To be able to play at the real money tables, you will also need to make a deposit.

We offer a wide range of deposit methods for you to choose from; each is secure and reliable, and the choice includes Credit Cards, Debit Cards and a variety of online e-wallets. Choose the option that suits you and your banking preferences, state the amount you wish to deposit, and follow the on-screen instructions from your provider. As soon as the money shows in your bankroll, you can head to the lobby and select your favourite games.

When you make your initial deposit, remember that we also offer a range of bonuses that are designed to boost your bankroll for extra playing funds and enhance your time at the tables. As a new player you can claim your 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus– you simply accept your bonus once you have deposited your funds.