Play MegaBall Arcade Games Online at Australia

An easy to learn numbers-based game, MegaBall requires you to make a prediction on a selection of lotto-style balls in play; these balls are all coloured and numbered, and you have a range of bets to choose from. If you guess correctly, you’ll be awarded a payout - it’s as simple as that!

The graphics are excellent quality and the sound effects create an atmospheric backdrop as you play, making this an enjoyable choice for players that enjoy online Keno and bingo-type games. To enhance the game even further, there is a progressive jackpot to play for – and new players that sign up to play at our real money online casino today can claim an exclusive 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus.

How to Play

Start by setting your wager level using the + and – buttons. You then move on to select your bets, making predictions on various aspects of the draw. The bets you can make include:

Red, Blue or Yellow – choose this to bet on a specific colour being drawn and try to predict also how many will be drawn in total in that round – you need to get both elements of the bet correct to receive a payout.

Cocktail– this is a wager on a mixture of all three colours.

Sixth- this is a bet on the number that will be written on the sixth ball that is drawn and it pays out at 45:1.

First and Last – When you select this option, you make a bet on whether the first ball that is drawn will be higher or lower than the last.

Sum total – this is a wager on the sum total of all balls that are drawn.

You can place multiple bets when you play MegaBall, arcade games to increase your spread and your chances to win. Once you have selected your bets, you click on Confirm button. This will activate the game, and you will see balls start to be drawn.

You can play using your specified bets and wager amount for one draw or multiple draws using a specialized autoplay feature, up to a maximum of 50 draws in total. Once the total you request is reached, you can then change your predictions and bets if you wish.

Progressive Jackpot

There is also a MegaBall Progressive Jackpot option that you can play for; this is an extra side bet that you can pay in to for the chance to try and hit the jackpot. A progressive jackpot offers some of the richest rewards available online, as there is no upper limit on how much can be won.

A progressive jackpot is linked across several casino games and every time a player pays into the side bet, a portion of that bet goes into the jackpot and increases it. The amount won is the amount showing on the counter at the time of winning. Once won, the jackpot immediately resets to its minimum seed amount, and then starts accumulating again right away. As the jackpot is awarded at random, it can be triggered at any time, even if a payout has just been made.