Play 50 Line Joker Poker Videopoker Online at NZ

Why would anybody play a single line of poker when they can play 50 lines at one time? 50-Line Joker Poker is so exciting that you will hardly be able to contain your excitement. Play 50-Line Joker Poker on New Zealand's most prestigious online casino gaming site, New Zealand!

This version of Video Poker pays out similar to that of a traditional game of 5 card poker, although it is increased dramatically with the incredible opportunity to play fifty hands in one round! Start playing and win big cash prizes today!

Advantages to Playing NZ’s 50-Line Poker

Why play only one hand when you can increase your odds by playing 50 hands at one single time? It is easy to play and our top-of-the-line software makes it very easy to know exactly what is going on in each hand at all times. Similar to a slot machine, the 50-Line Joker Poker board has 5 card slots and above it there are 49 rows, each hand containing 5 cards. First, you will place your bet, and then you will click "deal." The first hand will appear in the bottom line and you will be given the opportunity to "hold" cards you feel would create the best hand. The cards you decide to hold will then become the same cards held for each of the 50 hands you play. After you decide on this, you will hit "Deal" and every other hand will be dealt the remainder of the cards. Since this is 50-Line Joker Poker, the Joker is included in the 52-card deck and can be used to replace any other card. With 50 different opportunities to win, it will be no surprise when you win nearly every time!

Start Playing 50-Line Poker Right Here, Right Now!

We recommend that you read the Rules of online Video Poker and Video Poker History before you begin playing with real money. Once you download the free online casino games software programme, begin playing 50-Line Joker Poker with 50 new and exciting ways to win each round! Master this game and check out our enormous selection of online video poker games, including All American and 10s or Better. See you online at New Zealand.