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Poker is one of the world’s favourite card games, and Casino Stud Poker adds an extra dimension to this classic card game. It’s easy to play, has a huge progressive jackpot, and it’s available around the clock at

Casino Stud Poker is part of the Playtech Live Casino series of games available to all members. It was added to the roster back in July 2019 and has proved immensely popular since then, with poker fans placing their antes, making their calls, and trying to collect the ever-expanding jackpot.

If you’re a poker fan who can’t get enough of Live Casino games, this is one game that you don’t want to miss!

Rules: How to Play Casino Stud Poker

Poker is a relatively straightforward game once you get to grips with Poker hand rankings and betting structures. Casino Stud Poker is even easier, as it uses the same rankings as other variants and has a straightforward structure.

During every hand, you have four options:

  • Ante: The main game bet. Placing a bet here will start the game. Choose your stake by selecting the chips in the bottom-right corner and adding them to the ante section.
  • Call/Fold: After the cards have been dealt, you can choose to fold and discard the hand or call and go straight to the reveal.
  • 5+1: A side bet whereby you create the best 5-card hand using the dealer’s face-up card and all 5 of your cards. 5+1 is optional and as it’s based on the initial card draws, it remains active even if you fold.
  • Jackpot: If this side bet is active when a Royal Flush is revealed, the progressive jackpot will be triggered. There are other big payouts to collect, as well.

Casino Stud Poker Hands

If you know Poker hand values, you’ll understand the basics of most Poker games, including Stud, Draw, and Hold’em variants. It’s something that many beginners struggle with, but it’s actually quite simple.

As long as you remember that a flush beats a straight, and lower probability equates to a better hand, you’ll be good to go.

For instance, you are less likely to get 2 pairs or a 3 of a kind than you are to get 1 pair, which is why the former beats the latter. For the same reason, a straight flush is better than a flush and a straight, and by virtue of containing both a pair and a three of a Kind, a full house beats both of these hands when achieved individually.

Check out the following hand values for more information:

  • Royal Flush: A “royal flush” is a “straight flush” using the five highest cards in the deck: Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.
  • Straight Flush: If your cards are consecutive and they are all in the same suit, it is a “straight flush”.
  • 4 of a Kind: The 7 of hearts, 7 of clubs, 7 of spades, and 7 of diamonds makes “four 7s”.
  • Full House: If you have a three of a kind along with a pair, it qualifies as a “full house”.
  • Flush: When all your 5 cards are the same suit, it’s a “flush”.
  • Straight: You have a “straight” when your cards are consecutive, regardless of the suits.
  • 3 of a Kind: The 7 of hearts, 7 of clubs, and 7 of diamonds make “three 7s”, also known as a “set of 7s”.
  • 2 Pairs: The 7 of hearts and the 7 of clubs along with the 9 of diamonds and the 9 of clubs makes “2 pairs”.
  • Pair: The 7 of hearts and the 7 of clubs make a “pair of 7s”.
  • High Card: If you have none of the hands above but have an Ace, you have “Ace High”.

Casino Stud Poker Rules

Following an ante bet, five cards are dealt to the player and dealer. If a fold is chosen, the hand will end for the player (but continue for everyone else) and they will lose their ante.

If a call is chosen, an additional 2x will be taken and the hands will then be revealed and checked.

From here, several things can happen:

  • Dealer Qualifies (The dealer has at least king or ace high)
    • The player has a stronger hand = Payout according to table
    • The player has a weaker hand = Ante and call bets are lost
  • Dealer Doesn’t Qualify
    • Ante bet pays even money; call bet is returned

As for the jackpot and 5+1 bets, these payout according to the respective side bet tables.

Casino Stud Poker Payouts

The maximum payout for a royal flush is 100:1 during the main game, but this increases to 1000:1 for the 5+1 side bet and it triggers the progressive jackpot if the jackpot side bet is active.

You can see the current total of the progressive jackpot in the bottom-left corner of the game screen. To win this amount, you must wager on the relevant side bet while getting a royal flush.

The main game payouts drop to 1:1—also known as even money—for a high card that beats the dealer. It means that a bet of $10 will return a payout of $20 (a $10 profit and $10 for the original stake).

Casino Stud Poker Hand Payout 5+1 Side Bet Jackpot Side Bet
Royal Flush 100:1 1000:1 Jackpot
Straight Flush 50:1 200:1 2500x
4 of a Kind 25:1 100:1 250x
Full House 10:1 20:1 50x
Flush 7:1 15:1 25x
Straight 5:1 10:1 10x
3 of a Kind 3:1 7:1 3x
2 Pairs 2:1 x x
Pair 1:1 x x
High Card 1:1 x x

Bonuses and Promotions

All players making a first-time deposit at can qualify for a Welcome Package. The bonus can be used to play games of Live Poker, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, and stacks of slot games. Just make sure you check the Terms and Conditions of these bonuses before you collect.

If you’re already a member, don’t worry! We have bonuses for everyone—especially our most dedicated players. Before you make your next deposit, drop by our Promotions page and see what’s available.

Casino Stud Poker FAQ:

What is Casino Stud Poker’s RTP?

Casino Stud Poker has an RTP of 98.18% for the main game. The RTPs for the side bets are a little lower at 91.44% (for 5+1) and 81.84% (for the jackpot bet).

What is Casino Stud Poker’s minimum bet?

You can bet as little as $0.50 per hand. If you look to the bottom right corner, you’ll see a series of chips with different denominations. To place the minimum bet, simply select the $0.50 chip and place your ante.

What is Casino Stud Poker’s maximum bet?

The maximum bet for players is $500. You can place this bet by choosing the chip with the $500 denomination and staking it as your wager.

Can I play on mobile?

Yes! All games at can be played on mobile. Our gaming technology is supported across most popular platforms and devices. You don’t need the latest iPhone or Samsung, either, as our games are not too demanding and should work even on older devices.

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