Most Viral TikTok Trends and Challenges In Different Canadian Provinces

The Most Viral TikTok Trends in Canada

Have you been on TikTok recently? If you haven’t, you might be missing out on some of the most viral trends and challenges. TikTok has more than 3.2 million monthly users in Canada, and nearly a third of them have an account. Like in other social media, TikTok account owners can post and share content with other users.

With summer at the doors, the number of TikTok videos and trends is about to explode as people step outside. We conducted a nationwide review to identify the most popular TikTok trends and challenges in Canada by province. 

Key Findings

  • Dance and sound challenges are the most popular trends in most Canadian provinces.
  • Over 70% of TikTok users in Canada are under 40 and 60% are female.
  • TikTok trends are short-lived and take an average of 2-4 weeks but can be recreated.
  • Celebrities and TikTok influencers have a big role in making trends viral.

Top 3 Viral TikTok Trends In Canada

TikTok trends in Canada touch on various topics, from dance challenges to product reviews, cooking recipes, workout regimens, and comic impressions. Below are three viral TikTok trends by province:


Dance Challenges Take Over Toronto, Ontario

Music is a huge part of TikTok videos with 85% of content posted on the platform featuring some type of background music. Ontario has seen many viral dance challenges with hashtags like #dance, #danchechallenge, #dancerewind, and #remix trending for several days.

The infamous Started from the Bottom dance by the Basement Gang went viral back in 2020 and had thousands of people creating dance videos for the popular song by Toronto’s rap superstar Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham. In just five months, the account went from a few thousand to over 2 million followers.

In the same year, Drake did a “Toosie Slide’ dance move in his $100 million Toronto mansion, and thousands of people were on it again, recreating the move on TikTok. Fast-forward to May 2024, dance moves are as trendy as they’ve ever been. TikTok users are making new ‘OVO Dance’ moves and ‘crip walking’ to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘diss track’ Not Like Us. Other dance moves and challenges that have gone viral include:

  • The Charlie D’Amelio ‘Renegade’ dance challenge
  • Stomp 2024 Toronto Dance
  • Mom’s 80s Music Dance challenge
  • Rema Calm Down Challenge

Delicious TikTok Recipes Trending In Calgary, Alberta 

TikTok has changed the way we share recipes and food ideas, completely overhauling photo-focused platforms like Instagram. In Calgary, Alberta, TikTok videos involving food recipes get so much love and many content creators are dedicated to sharing their kitchens with the rest of the world. 

The Phyllo Crinkle Cake is one example of a cooking recipe video that went viral on TikTok after user Ramena posted it in December 2021. The recipe shared was a Middle Eastern dessert called Muakacha and garnered more than 20 million views within weeks. Several users made copycat posts of the recipe with unique variations and the recipe-sharing trend took off. 

The TikTok Green Goddess Salad and TikTok Pasta also went viral and now top Google searches for those dishes. Many other recipe videos have gone viral over the past few years, with more users creating short clips of their favourite dishes and ingredients. 

Restaurants are also joining the bandwagon as businesses continue to learn the potential of TikTok in marketing and connecting with clients. Food and recipe-related content have the potential to go viral since they resonate with everyone, especially female audiences who make up 60% of TikTok users in Canada.

Driving Videos Showcase the Beauty of British Columbia


British Columbia is consistently among the top three best provinces to live in Canada. Its lush forests, rugged coastlines, majestic mountain ranges, vibrant cities, and rich wildlife will make anyone fall in love with the province, and residents can’t wait to showcase it on TikTok. 

Driving in B.C. is a common theme in TikTok videos. Most videos are about driving on the B.C. highway and inner-state roads. With its diverse landscape and wildlife, you never know what you’ll run into. Many driving videos have gone viral, from famous cars struggling on snow to users showcasing breathtaking views of their cities. 

A video of Victoria residents thanking a bus driver went viral back in 2022, gaining over 7 million views in just two days. Another short seven-second video posted by sepbic also sits at over 27 million views. Many other similar videos have been created, including RV camping life and road trip videos, especially during winter. 

Some users also leverage their videos to promote destinations, activities, and events. However, most TikTokers simply like to share their driving experiences and the things they encounter, including lovely sunsets, snow-covered hills and trees, and traffic stunts that teenagers pull off.

Key Takeaways

Viral TikTok videos exist in all niches, from dance and choreography to comedy, cooking, travel, sports, beauty and makeup, health supplements, and point-of-view. With more than 14.8 million TikTok users, close to half the entire population, Canadian content creators have a large audience for trendy videos. Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta are more notable for setting viral trends because of their populations and overall fame. 

Predicting the next viral TikTok trend is almost impossible since any type of content can cause short-lived waves online. However, dance moves, recipes, travel, health, and beauty videos will always have the potential to go viral. These niches are woven into the social fabric of nearly all communities. TikTok challenges also have a higher likelihood of going viral, especially if promoted by celebrities and influencers.



We conducted a nationwide review of Canadian TikTok usage to identify popular trends and challenges. Our review utilized various sources, including actual TikTok accounts, official TikTok reports, news articles and publications, legacy media, and research data from government resources and credible websites, such as Statista. We also conducted random surveys in different provinces to find out more about the following:

  • What most TikTok users consume
  • The trends and challenges they prefer
  • What they believe makes TikTok videos trendy
  • Their forecast on TikTok trends and challenges

The research data was then analyzed and summarized to reflect the key points about TikTok trends. Due to insufficient data on viral TikToks by province, we only covered three major provinces (Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta). 

Fair Use

You are free to use the data and images in this presentation for non-commercial purposes. Be sure to link back to this page to give proper attribution to the authors.