Play Kingdoms Rise Slot Games at Canada


Provider: Playtech

RTP: 92% - 96.84%

Theme: Fantasy

Available Games: 10

Explore the map and travel to 4 different kingdoms. Earn in-game tokens to purchase extra content and choose your in-games bonuses from the Kingdoms Rise Features Shop, boosting potential wins. Battle for the power to potentially win 3 networked jackpots; the Daily jackpot, the capped Power Strike and the Epic progressive jackpot.

Control your destiny and explore the world. Play Kingdoms Rise and become a hero!


The Kingdom Rise world seems to expand every few months, as Playtech adds new and exciting games for Canadian players. Each slot game takes part in a different section of the Kingdom Rise universe and focuses on different characters, complete with unique ways to win, features, symbols, and payouts. Some consistent factors that connect all the games are the tokens you can use at the Feature Shop and quick access to the maps to jump to different parts of the Kingdom.

All Kingdom Rise slot games have a connected progressive feature with three different jackpots. The jackpot grows with each bet placed by players in any game. 

Game titleRTPPaylinesGame Summary
Kingdoms Rise™: Battle Beast96.22%4,096 Ways to WinThe 6x4 grid provides plenty of action with a bonus spin feature, the Battle Beast games that include expanding symbols, and a top prize of 10,000x. 
Kingdoms Rise™: Captain's Treasure96.05%50Head out to the open sea and hop aboard the Captain's ship on a quest for treasure. You might find a special wild symbol that triggers several respins, with the wild moving around the reels.
Kingdoms Rise™: Chasm of Fear93.07%1,024 Ways to WinFollow the team of explorers as they search deep caves for treasure. While the search is for a 10,000x treasure, some other goodies you might discover include a bonus game with 6 spins that adds two rows to the reels, expanding the game to 3,465 ways to win.
Kingdoms Rise™: Forbidden Forest92 – 95.99%576 Ways to WinVenture into the forest and discover the five protectors of the forest plus a host of animals. The owls flying around this forest can award you with as many as 12 respins.
Kingdoms Rise™: Guardians of the Abyss92.10 = 96.09%25The underwater realm of the Kingdom is where you'll find Akali, Jax, and Odeon. Each of these guardians has its own bonus spin feature. The different bonus modes can include extra high-value symbols, addition wilds, or a multiplier.
Kingdoms Rise™: Legend of Elvenstone96.84%10Dare to defeat the dragon? Join the brave dragon hunters to protect the Kingdom, and you could be in line for wins up to 750x. The bonus features include a Wild Drop, which can move around the reels, and a Dragon Bonus Round, which includes three respins.
Kingdoms Rise™: Legion Uprising92.03%25Welcome to the volcanic depths of the Kingdom, where dragons and skeleton creatures battle for the magic book of spells. As they fight amongst each other, you could benefit from a bonus feature with up to 10 spins and a 100x multiplier. To help increase the odds of winning, a sticky wild symbol will remain on the centre of the game board for the entire feature.
Kingdoms Rise™: Reign of Ice96.50%25Grab your mittens and head over to the coldest part of the Kingdom. You'll need a hammer to break through the ice and earn an unlimited number of respins with sticky wilds.
Kingdoms Rise™: Sands of Fury92.24 – 96.23%20Visit the desert where magicians and wizards do battle. Each of the characters has a Feature Reel above the reels. When the meter fills up, they'll direct their magic at you with bonus spins and special features.
Kingdoms Rise™: Shadow Queen96.46%25The Shadow Queen is ready to reward her subjects with 10 bonus spins and a multiplier that increases after each win.


What makes the Kingdoms Rise suite of games so exciting is that each game is unique. Some use the fixed paylines method while others have a Ways to Win engine, where all you need is matching symbols on adjacent rows to create wins.

However, the basics are the same. Once you register your account and make a deposit at CA, you can open any of the Kingdoms Rise slot games from the casino game lobby. Choose a stake size that you are comfortable with and spin the reels. To view the paytable for the game, press the "i" information button, and you'll see a clear breakdown of the payouts and the bonus features. The common features found throughout the Kingdom are bonus spins, stacked symbols, sticky wilds, respins, and dynamic multipliers.

Once you're in the Kingdom, you can open the Map feature on the side of the reels and transport to a different region or area. This will open a different Kingdoms Rise slot game, and you can start playing without delay. You can earn gold tokens while playing the Kingdom Rise slots. The tokens can be redeemed at the Shop for special features and bonuses. 

Any of the three progressive jackpots can be randomly triggered on any spin. According to Playtech, the only way to increase your odds of winning is by making larger bets.


Travelling and exploring the different lands in Kingdoms Rise is done by way of an innovative in-game map. To navigate to a different land and game, simply click on the flag of your choice. The map shows which series are currently available in Kingdoms Rise, as well as provide teasers for upcoming new content and locales. You’ll also find additional game information, new features and shop updates.


You can collect in-game tokens (GTs) for free as you play Kingdoms Rise. An innovative reward system, GTs allow you to choose and purchase bonus rounds, respins, extra wilds and a whole lot more.

There are two main types of Kingdoms Rise Shop Game Tokens:

  1. Game Tokens: Simply play any of the games in Kingdoms Rise for a chance to be rewarded with a random number of Game Tokens. As you play, up to 5 game tokens may appear on any reel. When they do, they’ll be added to your overall game token balance. It’s possible to win multiple game tokens on a single reel position.

    Once you’ve accumulated at least 300 tokens, you’ll be greeted with an onscreen animation letting you know that you can now visit the Kingdoms Rise Feature Shop and purchase a Kingdoms Rise feature of your choice.
  1. Pending Game Tokens: You’ll receive a Pending Game Token every time you earn 2 in-play game tokens. Unlike the regular game tokens, pending game tokens can only be redeemed once you’ve accumulated 500. Once redeemed, your pending game tokens will be combined with any regular game tokens you have already received. Use your combined balance to purchase even better features from the Kingdoms Rise Feature Shop.

    To view your game tokens and pending game tokens balance, enter the Kingdoms Rise Feature Shop and click on the ‘info’ button.


  • The Kingdoms Rise Features Shop is accessible from any of the games in the Kingdoms Rise suite, and its what makes this game truly ground-breaking. This is where you can purchase enhance features, wilds, scatters and respins specifically tailored to each game in Kingdoms Rise.
  • Once you purchase a feature with game tokens earned during regular gameplay, the feature is instantly activated on your next spin. Not impressed with the features available for purchase in one game? Visit the shop and purchase additional features for another game that you can use when you switch over.
  • Money won when using features purchased in the Kingdoms Rise Feature Shop can be withdrawn as cash. To visit the Kingdoms Rise Feature Shop, click on the Shop button from within any Kingdoms Rise game.


The only thing better than a progressive jackpot are 3 progressive jackpots. Play any Kingdoms Rise game for a chance to win one or all:

  • Daily Strike Jackpot: No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Someone will win the Daily Strike Jackpot before midnight – every day!
  • Power Strike Jackpot: This is also a must-win jackpot – someone must and will win it before it reaches $2,000.00.
  • Epic Jackpot: A jackpot that continues to grow until one lucky person wins. And when they do, it grows again.

* Please note that actual jackpot amounts may vary depending on the country from which you are playing.


It’s important to remember that wining while playing online slot games is all about luck. However, it is possible to increase your chances of getting lucky with these few tips for Kingdoms Rise Slots.

  1. Activate features whenever you like: Remember to take advantage of special features purchased in the Kingdoms Rise Feature Shop. Think your luck is about to hit? Visit the shop, purchase some respins and put them to use!
  2. Keep an eye on the jackpot counter: Remember the Daily Strike must be won by midnight, and you’re chances of winning are better if the day is almost over and the jackpot hasn’t dropped yet.
  3. Explore the map: Variety is what makes Kingdoms Rise so special. With multiple games and the ability to customize your experience, it a great idea to explore and try something new.


Always check the promotions page at CA. You never know when we’ll give away free spins or exclusive bonuses specifically for Kingdoms Rise slots!


Of all the Kingdoms Rise slot games, the 10 payline, medium variance Legend of Elvenstone has the highest RTP, set at 96.84%.

There are three progressive jackpots in all Kingdoms Rise slot games.

  • Epic Jackpot: No limits, and can be won on any spin.
  • Power Strike Jackpot: The jackpot must pay out before exceeding the maximum limit.
  • Daily Strike: The smallest of the three jackpots, it pays out once a day

All Kingdoms Rise slot games, as well as hundreds of other slots, table, and Live Dealer games, are available on your mobile device. Playtech did a great job adapting the game for smaller screens in both landscape and portrait modes. Some of the buttons may be moved or placed behind the Hamburger menu button to maximize the screen space for the game.

It is important to take safety precautions when playing online casino games on your mobile device. While CA uses powerful encryption to secure its games and networks, if a hacker accesses your phone, they can log in to your account. Therefore, we recommend all Canadian players avoid playing while connected to unsecured hotspots or public Wi-Fi.


The Kingdoms Rise games are all great on their own. But when you add unique features like customizable scatters and wilds, in-game tokens for use in a bonus shop, as well as 3 different jackpots, Kingdoms Rise becomes an epic adventure that’s hard to put down.

Create your CA account and log in today. It’s the only way to play for a chance to win real cash prizes.