Play Classic Slots Online at Canada

With the world rapidly moving and changing at every moment all around us, it’s nice to come home to something familiar, and that’s exactly what Classic Slots are all about. Get back to the basics of these casino games with this fun edition from Playtech.

The Truth About Classic Slots

You can certainly enjoy the authenticity behind this screen shot. The only catch is this; it’s not actually a slots machine! That’s right. This amusing option is actually a scratch card that just looks like the Classic Slots of yesteryear. So, have fun scratching away at the surface to find the prizes below!

How To Play Classic Slots

Want to know how to play that style anyway while we’re on the subject? We’ll gladly show you the ropes. You just have to make the choice between a real money account and our practice mode, and we take care of the rest. The real money account doesn’t cost anything. It just means that you’ll be playing with actual money from your account rather than the funny money that we fill in with for the practice mode. The benefit, of course, is that you win real money, too! Practice mode is available to anyone, and you don’t have to spend a thing to play these versions, but you won’t walk away with any cash at the end of the day. Choose the version that suits your wallet or your mood, and let’s get started!

Once you’ve decide how you want to play, you can load up the version of choice. In this case, we’ll talk about Classic Slots. You click on the link, and it will appear on the screen, ready to play. Place your bet and press spin to get things moving. The reel images are every bit as characteristic as the name. You’ll find lemons, cherries, oranges, and more. Line up the fruits for a chance at some rewarding prizes! Check out the handy pay chart for information on the exact value of each icon and combinations.

Classic Slots & Other Casino Games

Want more of that traditional feel? Then check out some of the single line options at our marvelous online casino. Crazy 7 is a throwback to those original versions that were so popular and started it all. 8 Ball gives you the same timeless feel with a billiards table style, instead. Alchemist’s Lab, another single payline three reeler, has something exciting brewing, indeed. In fact, you’ll get that old school vibe from all of our slots online versions in this section. From Tres Amigos and the Sultan’s Fortune to Party Line and Jungle Boogie, try them all today!