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While the game of Roulette originated in Europe, you can play the modified American version that has added a (00) or double zero into the wheel increasing the stakes and making online roulette at our online casino even more intriguing.

You can enjoy all the benefits of playing online roulette at Canada.

Differences between American Roulette and European Roulette

American Roulette is often known as double zero roulette due to the extra 00 in the wheel. The idea of the extra pocket is to give increased betting options to the online roulette player. Just by adding that extra 0 changes the player’s chances of winning. Whereas there is a 2.7% advantage to the house in European Roulette, there is a 5.3% advantage to the house in American Roulette meaning that it harder to win but the potential rewards are greater!

How to Play Online American Roulette

Playing American Roulette is exactly the same as playing Classic Roulette other than the fact that there is now a double zero which slightly alters your betting opportunities. For instance, you will now see zero, double zero, one, two, three on the Top Line bet. As always, be sure that you bet within the maximum and minimum amounts allowed.

Payouts on American Roulette

  • Straight Up – 35/1
  • Split Bet – 17/1
  • Street Bet – 11/1
  • Corner Bet – 8/1
  • Five Bet – 6/1
  • Line Bet – 5/1
  • Dozen Bet – 2/1
  • Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High – 1/1

Enjoy American Roulette and even More Games!

You can enjoy online roulette the American way at our Online Casino by downloading our software today. It is a great game for those who enjoy a good challenge. Alternatively you can try out one of our other fantastic casino games such as Premium French Roulette or Premium Roulette Pro.

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