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An exciting and innovative online casino games option that’s available to you in our online casino, Spin a Win Live offers you one-to-one contact with a professional dealer, plus an exciting and fast-paced game that’s loosely based on roulette but offers different bet options and ways to win. Payouts are big, the entertainment plentiful, and you can play on Flash or download online casino software and still enjoy perfect live-streamed dealer action. Play real money games for actual cash winnings – check out our casino lobby for when the next game appears under our live games schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun!

Get Started at Spin a Win Live

There’s a coloured wheel at the core of Spin a Win Live and if you’ve ever played online roulette, you’ll have a sense of what is required. The wheel looks totally different, however, with various coloured sections reflecting the different types of bet you can place. Each coloured section of the wheel has numbers displayed on them, with the number range extending from 1 up to 7 in the red area, 8 up to 13 in the green area, 14 up to 18 in the blue section and 19 up to 22 in the yellow area. There is also an orange segment on the wheel and this contains just two numbers: 23 and 24. The orange area is your biggest paying area. To enjoy the action, you place your bets on the Spin a Win Live betting table showing on your screen, set the wheel spinning and watch to see where the wheel lands to see whether you’ve won.

How to Play Spin a Win Live

You use the software to indicate your bet choices and the dealer will show the action on a real table via live-stream technology. This is state-of-the-art gaming online, and the closest you’ll get to an actual casino feel without having to leave home. The possible bets are clearly displayed on the betting table, and you click on the chips to show how big your wager is, and then you click on the table to show what bet you want to make. Use the Clear All button if you make any mistakes and want to start over - the game only starts when you hit the Spin command! You can bet on a single number, odd numbers, even numbers, and you can also bet on the different colours - single or mixed. Multiple colour combinations pay out more than single colour combination wins.