Play Spin A Win Arcade Game Online at Canada

Spin A Win is the type of action packed excitement that any punter worth his weight in salt is going to find appealing. There are just so many ways to have a blast while spinning this wheel of fortune, so don’t waste another minute thinking about all the fun that’s to be had. Just get into our online casino and do it!

Spin A Win – An Arcade Game of Many Options

No doubt your head will be spinning with all the options that you are provided with in this online casino game, but rest assured that you’ll quickly get the hand of things after just a few rounds. The trick about all of those options that you are about to be endowed with is learning to differentiate between them before you start in on your betting rounds. If you have a clear picture of your choices, it’s much easier to make good ones when the game actually starts. That’s why we’d like to break it down, so it is not as overwhelming as it may appear at first glance. When the Spin A Win screen loads, you’ll be met with a lot of different sights. Don’t be alarmed; we’re going to walk you through them all. In the middle is your spinning wheel. This is where the final action takes place, but we’ve actually got quite a ways to go before we get there. To the left and right of the wheel are all of the betting options, and that’s what we’re going to try to clarify for you now.

Betting in Spin A Win Explained

The left side of the screen has all of your single number bets. You can bet any amount you like on any single number, and the payouts are the best for these types of bets because they are the riskiest ones. You can also bet on a section of numbers, commonly known as Hi’s, Mid’s and Lo’s in most circles. Now for the right side, there are colour combinations or straight up colours that you can bet on. You’ll notice that the wheel itself is broken up into coloured segments, and that’s what you are actually betting on. Finally, you have your final digits bets. This is a category of bets that encompass any number that ends in the number you have selected.

With the betting stage explained, it’ll be a lot easier for you to have fun with this exciting arcade game online. Put down some chips, and let’s get things spinning right now!