Top 5 Casino Destinations in the World

Jackpots and the Generous 3

If you like playing casino games, you know that setting, atmosphere, choice and value are important. But with so many options out there, how do you choose where to play? We’ve done the research for you and checked out the gaming action in cities across the world, considering the choices on offer, quality of games, range of stakes and limits and comps (of course) to see how they compare. Here’s our verdict…

5: Gambling Cruise

Never thought of playing casino games on the high seas? Then you’re in for a treat. Not just equipped with a casino on board, gambling cruises can take you to several hot spot destinations in one single trip, so you can visit a variety of destinations without having to organise mammoth travel itineraries. Simply pick a cruise and it’ll all be done for you. Whether you fancy cruising the action in the Caribbean islands – Aruba, Curacao and Dominican Republic, for example – or you want to try a few Southeast Asian cities, you can choose a cruise that suits your needs. You get the benefit of sampling a range of casinos, their hospitality and their comps, making this a great choice for those wanting a gambling holiday with a difference!

4: Melbourne

A vibrant city that recognises arts and culture on a grand scale, Melbourne is the perfect spot for some serious casino games fun. Home to the Aussie Millions, played at Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex every year (think award-winning hotel, spas, weddings, restaurants and casino games all under one roof), casinos in this fabulous Australian city mean business. Whether you’re looking for poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat or pokies, you’ll be able to find a game in Melbourne – and in luxurious settings too. Although the Aussie attitude to comps isn’t as generous as its counterparts in America and Macau, this is a great destination for those looking for some classy action and a professional feel.

3: Viva las Vegas!

There’s no getting away from the fact that Vegas is a gambling capital that’s here to stay – and it deserves to be in the top five of any list. You may have expected Vegas to be in the number one spot, but as the world of gambling grows, so does the quality of what’s available, and so it was a tough (and close) call for the top three spaces. If you want glamour, glitz and plenty of comps, then Vegas is the place for you. The shows are unrivalled and the twenty-four hour games full of action. However, some of the casinos are getting a bit tired, and the clientele is often more holiday maker than casino games enthusiast, thanks to its fame. But this is Vegas, baby – so we really can’t complain.

2: Macau

Maybe some of you will be confused by the fact that we picked Macau over Las Vegas, but there are many reasons. Firstly, Macau feels less contrived compared to its older cousin, and secondly, it is home to the biggest casino in the world – which means unrivalled luxury. The lifestyle is cheaper in Macau, and although the action is fast and exciting, the overall atmosphere is more relaxed than Vegas. Convinced yet? Now becoming noticed as an excellent gambling holiday destination, we recommend you visit the place for a game or two before it gets overrun with holiday-makers and the atmosphere changes.

And in the number one spot…

1: Your own home

The reason we’re putting online casinos in the top spot is because of convenience, choice, value and accessibility. The beauty of playing online is that you can access your favourite games twenty-four hours a day in the comfort of your own home, without the added cost of travel expenses. You can also enjoy a wide range of stakes and table limits – from $0.01 per bet – so low stakes players and high rollers and everyone in between can find something to suit their bankroll. The range of games offers unusual variants, and progressive games offer some of the richest jackpots around – and because online casinos don’t require physical space, you’ll never have to wait for a game. There are no free drinks, but you can earn comp points to swap for merchandise, and the range of promotions is impressive. With this much on offer, it had to be our No.1.

What do you think? Did we get it right or have we completely missed the mark? We’d love to know your thoughts.