Blackjack and Bikinis: 5 Casinos Where Life’s a Beach

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Most things in life can be improved by moving them closer to the sea. The holiday home with a sea view, a romantic dinner on the beach, a gentle snooze in a hammock as the surf rolls in.

Casinos are no exception. We have scoured the world’s most beautiful beaches to discover the casinos that come with UV protection, flip flops, and a bucket and spade. Is there anything better than blackjack on the beach?

1. Atlantis Paradise Island – Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island is not only the biggest casino in the Caribbean, it is also one of the world’s most astonishing resorts. There are six hotels on the 5.5 mile long private island, a marina, a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, a water park, and – of course – a world class casino.

The main Atlantis Casino spans a seven acre lagoon and has 75 table games and more than 750 slots. For high rollers, there is a wealth of VIP treasures to discover.

The best thing about the Atlantis is Cain at the Cove – where poolside gaming and blackjack in a bikini is a reality. You can sit outside, play craps, drink cocktails, enjoy the DJ, and watch the sun go down over a gorgeous two mile stretch of white powder sand.

2. Conrad Punta del Este Resort and Casino – Uruguay

Uruguay is cool. It’s very cool. Located just below Brazil and next to Argentina, it’s small 3.3 million population enjoy the finest quality of life in South America. It’s liberal, socially developed, and was named country of the year by the Economist in 2013.

It also has the Conrad Punta del Este Casino – 3,400 square metres of gaming with 63 blackjack, roulette, and baccarat tables. All located a stone’s throw away from the crystal clear waters of La Mansa beach.

The casino has nearly 300 rooms with sea views and weary gamblers can refresh in the pool or take a dip in the nearby sea. With Shakira and Paul Anka in the hotel guest book, you won’t be the only person looking for some al fresco fun.

3. Holiday Palace Sihanoukville – Cambodia

Casinos first appeared in Cambodia in the late 1990s, after decades of civil war. There are now nearly 60 across the country but our favourite is the Holiday Palace, on Independence Beach, in Sihanoukville.

Turquoise waters, palm trees, and white powdery sands are the hotel’s idyllic backdrop. The casino is open 24 hours-a-day and is relatively small with just 24 table games and 200 slots. Baccarat is the favourite game but it’s the beach that’s the star of the show.

4. Hard Rock Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

It’s the second Caribbean casino on the list but it can’t be ignored. The Hard Rock Punta Cana is a huge hotel and casino with an even bigger attitude. There are 450 slots, 41 tables games, and a poker room in the massive 45,000 sq ft casino.

If you can tear yourself away from the resort’s 13 swimming pools, Punta Cana beach is world class with white sand, clear water snorkeling, and horseback riding. If you get bored with both the casino and the beach, the hotel will lend you an electric guitar so you can brush up on your axe skills.

5. Grand Hotel and Casino – Vanuatu

Vanuatu is the perfect South Pacific paradise. Amazing islands, stunningly clear waters, an active volcano, and the chance to play roulette in a room with a view.

The Grand Hotel casino has both a main room and a VIP suite. There is also the Laki Tam Tam room with 136 poker machines to satisfy the cravings of visiting Australian pokie lovers.

The casino overlooks the harbour and is a hop, step, and jump from the kind of beach most of us only ever dream about. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets to paradise now…

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