What’s the deal? A Beginners Guide to Betting

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Casinos can be intimidating. Online and offline, making the right decision can seem difficult. Do I hold or fold? Should I bet the same number? What do I do next? In the real world, taking a seat at a blackjack table, can be a leap of faith.

Read on, as we shuffle the deck of sensible suggestions, to put together a top ten guide, guaranteed to help you take it down at the tables. Don’t let your casino debut be a disaster, play safe, play sensible, and follow these ten basic rules.

Enjoy It

Gambling is not a career. It’s fun. It’s a form of entertainment where every win is a bonus. There may be a few, very lucky, individuals who made a fortune from betting but they are the exception – not the rule. Make sure you approach that Blackjack or Roulette table with the right attitude: enjoy the experience.

Stay on Budget

This is very much an extension of the first point. If you start going beyond your budget, trying to chase losses, and spending too much money, you won’t enjoy your trip to the casino. Online, there are several ways to limit your spend. You can set your own budget and the software will lock you out when you reach your limit.

In a real casino, it can be a lot harder to keep on top of your spending. Play small bets. A one dollar bet on a single number on the roulette table would win you £36. That’s a fine win and a free dinner.

Wise Up

Did you know that there is a right way to play Blackjack? Be following some pretty easy rules, you can improve your chances of winning at the table. If you are new to the game, head online and google ‘Blackjack system or strategy’.

Now, download your crib sheet and try your luck at the game. When you have got the hang of the rules, you can head to the casino and put your new found knowledge to the test. You can even take your crib sheet to the casino with you. One thing to bear in mind: with other players at the table, the game dynamic does change.

Stay Frosty

If you want to play your best game, it’s best to keep a clear head. There is a reason that casinos give players free beer and cocktails and it’s definitely not to help them improve their game. If you are trying to play peak Blackjack or Baccarat, avoid alcohol. If – on the other hand – you’re only out for a good time, enjoy!

Avoid the Fallacy

One of the mistakes that novice gamblers often make is to fall into the trap of the ‘gambler’s fallacy’. If you are sat at the Roulette table, and red hits 10 times in a row, it’s tempting to assume that black is more likely to land next.

In fact, the odds never change. The odds are always 50/50, no matter how many times one particular colour lands. It’s the same with ‘lucky dealers’ and slots that ‘are about to pay out’. Every deal, spin, or play comes with the same odds and the same house edge.

Bet Choosy

If you want to get the best bang for your betting buck, there are a few things to look out for. For starters, try to avoid roulette wheels with a double zero. Known as American Roulette, it’s a game that has a bigger house edge. See if you can track down a Roulette wheel with just one zero.

Blackjack is another game to check out before you sit down. The rules can vary from casino to casino. Some will hit on soft 17, some allow you to split any double – others do not. Some only pay even money on a Blackjack but offer a big payout on a triple 7. Find the game that suits you.

Don’t Get Stuck on Slots

Slots are great fun to play and generate more money for the casino than any other game. And – that’s the point! Slots are popular with players, who may be nervous about sitting at a blackjack or roulette table, but they often have the biggest house edge in the casino. Basically: you will lose your money faster spinning the reels.

Big Up the Bonus

Casinos – both in the real world and online – want your business and they will roll out the red carpet of bonuses and comps to get you on board. In Las Vegas, they will keep the drinks and food coming. Buy enough chips and you can get a room for the night.

Online, the comps come in the form of bonuses and special offers. Some players tend to skip past promotions but they are usually worth exploring. If you’re learning how to play craps online, and you can get some free chips on the house, grab them. It’s the one guaranteed win at the casino.

Learn Online

If you’re heading to Las Vegas for that stag party weekend, and you’ve never put foot inside a casino, why not learn the game by playing at an online casino. Online, you can take your time and relax. If you are playing for real money, you can enjoy some very low minimum stakes action. You can also play many games for free. It’s an affordable and easy way to learn the ropes.

Know When to Stop

If you are starting to feel anxious, stressed, or unhappy, it’s time to quit the casino. Gambling is a form of entertainment and it is supposed to be fun. Treat every win as a bonus and you are more likely to enjoy yourself.

At the end of the day, gambling is definitely not an advisable career choice. It’s fun. It’s a great way to kick back and enjoy some time, alone or with friends. If you are new to the game, play safe, budget wisely, and try to be lucky. Enjoy yourself and make sure you know when to stop.

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