Roulette Guide: How to Play Roulette

Spin the wheel and hope that Lady Luck is smiling down on you. At, we want to celebrate the classic game of roulette and spread the love by imparting our wisdom to you. With the help of some of the sharpest casino experts in the business, we have compiled this essential guide to roulette that beginners and high rollers alike can use to take their game to the next level.

How to Play Roulette: The Basics

Roulette is a simple but intriguing game of chance, which may explain why it has remained popular for so many years. The player chooses a number – or group of numbers – between 0 and 32 on which to place a bet. The bet size is at the discretion of the player, although it must be within the parameters set by the casino. The croupier then spins the roulette wheel – this happens using randomly generated software for online animated games – and the player wins if the ball finishes up in one of the numbered pockets which he or she had selected.

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the game of roulette, including expert tips and strategy:

1.The Origin of Roulette

Roulette has a rich and fascinating history of more than 300 years, beginning in pre-revolutionary Paris and journeying through Monte Carlo, London, and New Orleans. To better understand this globally popular game, check out this engrossing guide that maps out the true origins of roulette.

2. Roulette Rules: The Different Types of Roulette Wheels

The experience you have at the roulette table, including your odds of winning, is greatly determined by the type of roulette wheel you choose. This chapter focuses on everything you need to know about different roulette wheels, and how to choose the right one.

2.1. European Roulette

Classic roulette as it’s meant to be played, with a low house edge and no shortage of exciting bets to play for.

2.2. French Roulette

This is old-world roulette at its most elegant, with favourable odds and a number of special rules that can tilt the odds in your favour.

2.3. American Roulette

Made popular in the glitzy gaming halls of Las Vegas, American roulette has a higher house edge, but also no shortage of excitement and high-octane action.

3. Types of Roulette Bets

In roulette, you approach the table and place your chips or announce your bet to the dealer. All bets have different payouts, so this chapter is designed to help you understand the pros and cons of each.

3.1. Inside Bets

These are high-risk, high-reward bets on a single number or a small combination of numbers, ideal for high rollers.

3.2. Outside Bets

Creative sequence bets which usually allow you to bet on half or one-third of all numbers on the wheel, substantially raising your chances of a lucky spin.

3.3. Call Bets

A riveting series of so-called ‘French bets’ that are based on old-world roulette rules, allowing you to wager on specific and meaningful sequences of numbers on the table.

3.4. Combination Bets

Despite its classic roots, roulette is a highly versatile and adaptable game, which is exactly why the best online roulette games offer creative combination bets that put you in control of your game.

4. Roulette Odds and Payouts

Understanding the different roulette odds and payouts means you can calculate your chances, as well as how much you could win.

4.1. How Roulette Payouts Give the House an Edge

This section focuses on how the ‘house edge’ is embedded into the different payouts, and why understanding how the house edge affects your overall chances is important.

4.2. How To Increase Your Odds

Here we tap our roulette experts to tell you the choices that you can make in the roulette lounge to tilt the odds more in your favour.

5. Roulette Betting Systems

When you research roulette, you’ll be bombarded with tried-and-tested roulette betting strategies that people claim are effective at increasing wins. While this is not the case, betting systems can be a fun way to structure your game. This chapter introduces you to all of the important roulette betting systems you should know about.

5.1. Martingale

A high-risk strategy that involves doubling your bet every time you lose, in the hopes of recouping your losses and then some.

5.2. Reverse Martingale

The opposite to a classic martingale, where the player is expected to half their stake following every spin that they lose.

5.3. The Grand Martingale

A more optimistic take on the Martingale that demands players double their bets every time they win, in the hopes of maximizing the pot.

5.4. Fibonacci

A historical betting strategy that involves upping your subsequent stakes in an unusual number-based sequence.

5.5. Labouchere

Invented more than 100 years ago, this somewhat dubious system requires you to adjust your wagers on even money bets based on an ever-changing mathematical sequence.

5.6. Reverse Labouchere

A near-identical process to Labouchere, except the adding and subtracting elements are swapped around.

5.7. James Bond

Named after popular culture’s most famous roulette player, the James Bond system requires you to split your bet proportionally into three parts in order to spread your potential wins.

5.8. D’Alembert

Named after the famous French mathematician, this system focuses on even money bets, with the player adding or subtracting a unit to their next stake based on whether they win or lose respectively.

5.9. Contra D’Alembert

The reverse of D’Alembert, where wins mean you add a unit to your next stake and losses mean you subtract.

5.10. Andrucci

A somewhat chaotic system that requires you to play dozens of rounds of roulette in order to select the ‘hot’ numbers on the wheel, to wager on afterward.

5.11. Paroli

In use since the 16th century, the Paroli system requires you to double your stake after each successful spin, resetting it back to the original stake after three wins in a row.

6. Choosing your Strategy

No matter your roulette level, it pays to have a strategy in place. This chapter comes from a real-life roulette pro, who is here to teach you the best ways to approach the game if you want to succeed.

6.1. If you are a beginner

As a beginner, the name of the game is knowledge, which is why this section introduces you to the essential rules to keep in mind when playing roulette.

6.2. If you are an intermediate player

This section focuses more on how you can reduce the house edge in order to create the most favourable circumstances for success.

6.3. If you are a professional

Here you’ll find truly expert tips on how to manage your bankroll and avoid making classic roulette mistakes.

7. Tips to Win At Roulette

Brought to you by one of our roulette pros, this in-depth chapter will teach you all about how to stay in control of your game and boost your chances of success. You’ll also find out what we mean by the Gambler’s Fallacy, and why you should avoid it.

8. Money Management

As any professional gambler will tell you, money management is the key to success, as well as having fun. This straightforward chapter will teach you the ins and outs of responsible bankroll management, as well as how to know when you should leave the table.

9. Traditional Roulette vs Online Roulette

The world of casino gaming has changed immeasurably in the past 20 years, thanks to revolutions in digital gaming technology. This chapter will help you get to grips with the key differences between classic land-based casino roulette and high-tech virtual roulette. It will also help you choose the right roulette option for you.

10. Biggest Roulette Winners of All Time

Roulette has produced plenty of overnight millionaires and eye-catching headlines. In this tantalising chapter, we’ll take a look at some of the luckiest roulette winners in the history of the world.

11. Roulette FAQ

This chapter is designed to serve as your handy guide to the all-important roulette FAQs, including everything you need to know about online roulette play. Keep this chapter to hand if you ever have a question that needs answering.

12. Glossary

Do you know your racetrack from your block bets? Our expert roulette glossary is on hand to help you understand all of the roulette lingo and ensure that you never miss a thing.

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